Andrew Breitbart: A Freedom Fighter’s Legacy and What He Wants the Professors at Tulane to Know

March 2, 2012

by Laura O’Halloran

The Left really has screwed with the wrong guy, but unfortunately at his peril. Breitbart exposed the Left in all its workings within his blog empire: Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. He was a trailblazer with a mission and was a freedom fighter in the truest sense.  He was taking notice long before many of us even had a clue as to what was happening to our country which was the day of the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas.  That was the point in which he had awoken to the hateful Alinsky tactics of Liberals, and this was no ordinary giant to wake. Breitbart since then had become dedicated to the mission to shed light where roaches thrive.

Andrew Breitbart (Feb. 1, 1969-March 1, 2012)

Not only did he set out to expose the lies, but also expose how they were doing it, and how we can ALL fight back. He showed us how we can be the new media by becoming citizen journalists using our own eyes and ears with the internet,  our cell phones and video cameras to report the truth. He kicked off a generation of Conservative bloggers and called all activists to become our own source of information as we uncover the truth and report what REALLY goes on among the grassroots.  His message was our obligation:

We have the power to change the narrative in this country. The new media is taking over where the old media failed. Your obligation is to keep the fight up and not to allow for the Alinksy tactics to get you back into that 1998, 2003, 2008 mode of sitting and just buying stuff on the Home Shopping Network.

In this video being interviewed by C.L. Bryant for his movie Runaway Slave, Breitbart expresses that he “doesn’t care whether you agree or disagree with him on policy, but rather if you have the freedom in this country to live your life as a free rugged individualist,” and he continues to tell C.L. that he is “at war with anyone that tells you that you do not have the right to live as a free man.” He also has a message for his former professors at Tulane:

We MUST continue the fight in which Andrew fiercely led as a courageous lion. We cannot allow his work to end in vain. As he said in his speech at CPAC 2012 just weeks ago, “Conservatives refuse to take it and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Speculation about his death is rampant among many all over the country since he made this speech which includes his announcement of the release of videos of Obama in his college days.  The release was to happen yesterday. The videos are now reported to be released in about a week.

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