Apocalypse Now!

June 4, 2012

I finally figured out the cult of Ron Paul, and I must warn my fellow Americans too. See there’s a calamity coming to America, no, the world, and only Ron Paul supporters can see it. Well, I’ve got extra terrestrial superpowers so, I can see it too.

There’s a strong storm coming to the world at lightning speed, and only the election of Ron Paul can save us. It’s impact date is November 7th, 2012, THE DAY AFTER the election. Massive panic will ensue, people will crowd the streets and fight for food, water, even oxygen. The only thing that will save you is silver coins, gold coins, bullets, and tin foil hats.

For many months afterwards, there will be Super cell hurricanes, Ultra Typhones, mega massive earthquakes, new mountains will be created by overnight super volcanoes. Death will reign, blood will fill the streets, and oceans will be formed by the tears of the Paulistinians who foresaw this coming but despite their efforts, could not stop it. Most Paulistinians will have gold coins, bullets, and tin foil hats for comfort, but many will drink the Kool-Aid one last time before they take a nap. The pain of watching so many people die will just be too much for them.

It’s storm is approaching America at lighting speed and it stems from the bowels of Helvitica, a planet in the Liticia Stars Doorway Galaxy, (commonly referred to as the LSD Galaxy). The storm from the bowels of Helvitica has spawned a movement – The Ron Paul rEVOLution.

Many Ron Paul people believe that Bilderbergers, NeoCons, Zionist, and people with Jewish last names have banded together to bring this mass destruction. It’s an inside job, and people with Jewish last names have already been warned not to go to work on 11-9-12. That’s when the real stuff begins to happen. The earth will get so hot that people’s hair will begin to melt, except for those wearing a tin foil hat the reflects the rays. Well, there’s so much more to this, but it will have to wait.

For Paulistinians, unless Ron Paul wins, life will cease to exist as we know it on November 7th. The world ends, or so they act like it. For the rest of us, there is a November 7th, and 8th, and 9th, and so on. Life doesn’t end just because the guy we wanted, whether it’s Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Gary Johnson, loses. Life continues on, and we’re going to have to work with people we disagreed with.

We’re going to be at our jobs, family events, friend events, social events, and political events with people we disagreed with during this election cycle. Many of my friends were Santorum supporters, Gingrich supporters, and other candidates, and I am still disappointed that Herman Cain isn’t our nominee. We accept the fact that we had our say and we lost. We’re reasonable people.

But despite Ron Paul not being voted for by 94% of Republicans, and losing his home state, including the people who know Ron Paul best— his home county, Paulistinians continue to push forward. They continue their whining about how they are being disenfranchised, and yet attempt to disenfranchise 94% of the Republican party by not respecting their voices. They have become 2012’s Sore/Losermen and when they do have victories, become even worse winners. They ignore the rule of politics, be gracious in defeat, and in victory even more gracious.

Even the more reasonable Ron Paul supporters are going to suffer for a long time after this election is over. Not all Ron Paul supporters are antisemitic, but when you meet a Ron Paul supporter, ask them about Israel, or what is a “Fake Jew”. Being associated with that kind of people will haunt you for a long time, unless your name is Barack Obama.

The Paulistinians look down on the American public as drones, that Republicans will get behind them because they are the Republican nominee because they are too stupid to think otherwise. But people don’t like to be mistreated, and those people they mistreat will have long memories.

And therein lies the rub, it doesn’t matter what they believe when you mistreat people. Nobody will respect what you believe if you won’t respect them as a person. Those friendships, those bridges they burn today, will not be so easily rebuilt. November 7th, the day after the election, life returns to normal. That’s when reality will set in.

People like Chad Rogers at The Dead Pelican who infuriated many of his friends with the flier that misled people into voting for Ron Paul supporters, and continues to block people who calls him out. Yes, he blocked me on Facebook too and removed the link to us of his website. Chad, as many of you know, once led a very respectable website, a Drudge Report clone for Louisiana. Chad has chosen to become a bigger cheerleader for Ron Paul than the seedy pics of women who often grace the cover of his site. You can probably assume two things on any given day when you go to The Dead Pelican. At least in my view, Chad has become a total propagandist for Ron Paul and second, it’s been a very long time since he’s gotten some. Nothing personal, but apparently, he used to be a friend.

And Connie Bernard? EBR School Board member who has to get re-elected? You don’t get re-elected by ignoring the will of 94% of your supporters, both financially and in voting. I was astonished to see Connie Bernard leading the charge as the “3rd Chairperson” at the LAGOP convention, that was “Elected”, by a body of rogues who turned their chairs around like a bunch of petulant little children.

They lose people not just because of their beliefs, but mostly in how they treat people and in how they act.

Connie Bernard leading the Paulistinians in the video below.


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