Are you prepared for 4 more years?

November 28, 2012

There are ‘doomsday preppers’ and then there are folks like me.  I see what’s coming down the financial pike with four more years of Obama.  Recession being the most obvious, we may also enjoy something as severe as complete financial devastation.  We hear every day from major corporations to local small businesses having to lay off employees.  Companies are shutting down.  (RIP Twinkies)  It isn’t pretty and we’ve got to start wrapping our heads around the fact that America is changing and it’s not changing for the better.

My faith being in God and my hope being in the American Spirit, I know that we will continue to get up every day and put our boots on and get to work and make things happen.  It’s what the pioneers did no matter how rough the circumstances and it’s what we’ll do.

We may not face another Great Depression or sickness and famine..or we might.  I do know that our economic health is poor and getting worse.  We may not be able to stop what we see this administration doing to our country but we can be prepared to sustain ourselves through whatever we may face together as a country or individually with job loss or even natural disasters.

If you’ve never given thought to keeping some extra food and supplies on hand, this would be a good time to begin.  As adults and family leaders, it’s up to us to learn all we can about how to provide for, feed and keep our families healthy during whatever “storm” we may face.  The information on the internet is overwhelming and many sites can be downright scary.  I know the perfect place to start your education.

On Saturday, December 8th from 10am-4pm, there will be a Back to Basics Expo at the Central Baptist Church at 2516 Riley St., Sulphur, Louisiana.  There will not be any ‘experts’ on hand.  There will not be big ‘opportunists’ on hand either.  These are people like you and me who have researched and learned how to prepare for and what to do in a disaster whether natural or man-made.  They’d like to share that information with you so that you can also be ready to face the future.  That, my friends, is the American Spirit at work.

For those who need more information, please contact Lori Savoy at 337-563-6209 or email her at  To print a flyer and get more information about vendors, click here.

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