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October 15, 2007

Early voting in Louisiana is breaking records… and the law. It seems that Louisianians came out in record numbers to vote in anticipation of a big game in Baton Rouge among other things, but it seems there was a violation of the law when results were released early.

We here at Louisiana Conservative have acquired the results from an anonymous source. Below are the results of early voting.

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Other Candidates -2%
T. Lee Horne – 3%
Foster Campbell – 4%
Walter Boasso – 10%
John Georges – 11%
Bobby Jindal – 19%
Edwin Edwards -51%

In an related story, Democrats are extremely proud of their get out the vote efforts. According to Louisiana Democrat Chairman Chris Whittington, “We just kept busing people to vote early. Who knew the graveyard would be such a popular pickup point?”

Waldo Boasso is whining that Bobby Jindal is attacking him. He’s a big guy that can stand up to Bobby Jindal, but he’s whining that Bobby Jindal is attacking him. Let’s rewind… before Bobby Jindal “attacked”, Waldo Boasso attacked Bobby Jindal with this ad, and this ad, and this ad, and this ad, and this ad, and this ad, and he even stooped to new political lows by having Chris Whittington further embarrass the state nationally with this ad attacking Bobby Jindal for his faith in Jesus Christ. And Democrats tell us they don’t hate Christians?

When pressure built on Chris Whittington to remove those ads by his own party, he instead proudly showcased the emptiness inside his head by insisting that there was nothing wrong with the ad. Chris Whittington couldn’t comprehend the value of the First Amendment because he doesn’t respect the first amendment. It wasn’t the accuracy, nobody cared if the ad was accurate or not, the simple truth of the matter is, in this country we have what is called the First Amendment, and in that amendment is the guarantee that we have freedom of religion, and we respect and tolerate freedom of religion even if we think other people’s belief is a little obscure. We just don’t tolerate people tying bombs to their selves and killing people because they are Jewish or infidels.

I have to admit, Waldo campaign is actually taking their plan to people who are smarter than the typical Democratic voter, here is a video of him doing exactly that.

Good web sites about different candidates… “The Alarios dot Com” makes the cut. Speaking of John Alario, he made the Louisiana Pro-Life Alliance’s website “ten least wanted dot com“. Yvonne Dorsey, Troy Hebert, Mickey Frith, Eric LaFleur, Joe McPherson, Taylor Townsend, Bryant Hammett, Billy Montgomery, and Sherrie Cheek are the other nine. Some of them also voted for Clone and Kill research which creates human embryos for research. The problem with embryonic stem cell research is that there has been absolutely no advancement of research through embryonic stem cells. However, there has been advancements made through adult stem cell research. when we have advancements n adult stem cell research is it really necessary to create embryos and destroy them? I’m really disappointed to see that many of these folks are from small towns, but I guess when you stick your nose in liberal propaganda literature, I guess you just kind of ignore small town folk.

And finally if there is ever a movie about John Georges being made, perhaps Matthew McConaughey can play John Georges. According to Matt Damon, Matthew doesn’t like to wear a shirt and according to “Georges Gone Wild Dot Com” neither does John Georges. The site claims that it is paid for by the Republican party, however, I have doubt that the party would hide the site registration only to say they are responsible.


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