Arrogance or Idiocy?

November 5, 2013

For George Bush I, it was the “Read my lips… No new taxes” pledge made during the Republican National Convention in 1988. A pledge that whether George Bush “lied”  or if he meant it when he said it is always going to be unknown. But whether he knew that he’d break that promise when he made it is irrelevant, he broke his promise.

When it comes to “Weapons of Mass Destruction” being found in Iraq, one could argue that George W. Bush was indeed correct. Problem is, nobody was thinking WMD’s meant anything other than Nuclear weapons. When the failure to produce nuclear weapons grew on the American people, the perception was that “Bush lied”. Whether Bush meant WMD’s as in any type of weapons of mass destruction, or if he clearly meant nuclear is debatable. What isn’t debatable is the perception that we were stopping nuclear arms.

Each “lie” haunts the president long after they left office. But none of those “Lies” were told to the extent that Mr. Obama’s lie that “if you liked your insurance, you can keep your insurance”. For the past five years, we’ve heard Mr. Obama repeatedly state that “nothing in this plan will cause you to lose your insurance”, knowing full well the whole time that many people would lose their insurance.

I exploit you, still you love me
I told you one and one make three
I’m the cult of personality

In Living Colour

How huge is this lie? George Bush I made his “No new taxes” pledge once before a national audience. Bill Clinton stated “not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky” once. Bush II repeatedly said Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, imagine George Bush repeatedly saying that he won’t raise taxes, even up to the day he raised taxes.

Actually what Mr. Obama is doing now, is running around with his minions insisting that’s what he said back then wasn’t what he said back then. What he said  all along is that if “you liked your plan you can keep your plan as long as it is good enough”. That’s like George Bush saying all along that we were searching for Nuclear Weapons in Iraq, clearly saying the word “nuclear” and then suddenly saying that the whole time he was looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction like gas. People aren’t stupid and Mr. Obama’s lie has now turned into an insult.

It’s insulting because it’s telling people that they are stupid. That when Mr. Obama “if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period.” that wasn’t what they said. People were too stupid to hear the other half of what Obama and Landrieu and the rest of the Democrats said which is “if it’s good enough”, which you were supposed to know even though they never said that.

The other reason it is insulting is because it’s telling people that if you liked your plan, you can keep it, if it was good enough that they are too stupid to know what’s good for them. So, if you liked your plan, apparently you’re too stupid to know what your health care plan was, otherwise you wouldn’t like it. If you lost your insurance, well you’re plan just sucked. You are stupid for buying it.

Instead what Mr. Obama, Landrieu, and the rest of the Democrats are insisting is that what qualifies as a “good plan” is one that covers women for prostrate exams and men for pregnancy, with a higher deductible and increased premiums. This is what Mary Landrieu wants for you? Didn’t Mary Landrieu get some money for her vote on Obamacare? Was it worth it to you?

Well Senator Landrieu, I’m going to put on my Forrest Gump voice for you but “Momma always said ‘stupid is as stupid does.’, I may not be a smart man…” but I know that I don’t ask a chef to fix the brakes on my car, I don’t ask my plumber to give me advice about sewing, and I don’t ask a Harvard Lawyer to fix my healthcare.

And I know that I will not vote to re-elect a Senator who would rather insist that they have always said “if the plan was good enough”, then to come out and publicly apologize for lying about keeping our plans if we liked it. If you ask me, health care is important. It’s too important. In fact, health care is so important that I do not appreciate being lied to about it. My health care coverage is too important to me to be politicized. I can’t speak for everybody else, but I would like a Senator who won’t play politics with my health care.


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