Article VI The Movie Review

February 11, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I received a copy of Article VI the Movie but unfortunately since receiving my copy I had been very busy and just couldn’t find the time to watch it. Finally tonight, I forced myself to take the time to watch it.
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I usually don’t like movies that are based around politics because, like Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” and pretty much all of Michael Moore’s movies, they tend to be more propagandistic and preachy rather than informative. Movies like this whether from the Left Wing, Right Wing, or the body, have a holier than thou message that you’re stupid, I’m right, and only the facts that I like matter.

In the first ten minutes of the film, I must admit, I thought this was just another preachy movie, one telling me to vote for Mitt Romney, rather than being informative, but despite my initial impression, I kept watching.

The narrator Bryan Hall, a Mormon, takes us on a road trip where he meets and interviews people like Judge Roy Moore and Hugh Hewitt, to evangelical street protesters, televangelist, and many others. Perhaps Bryan Hall felt an obligation to educate America about Mormonism, or maybe he genuinely wanted to explore why there was such animosity to a political candidate due to his/her religious beliefs, it’s a question that only Hall could possibly answer. Despite seemingly defending Mormonism, Mr. Hall and his film crew successfully create a conversation, that is neither pro Mormon nor anti-Christian.

Mr. Hall and company seemed to allow various views of what role Religion plays in American politics and cites times in America where religious differences and politics have clashed. He successfully showed the unreasonable can be reasoned with, and that not all people of any religious background are unilaterally intolerant.

Though I never had any problem with people of Christian faith, including Jews (and yes I know they don’t believe in Christ) and personally believe that when they come for one, they won’t stop until all of us are finished, I ended up rethinking my beliefs in how imperative it is that we have a Christian President. Would it be better to have a Christian as President that does not share our beliefs as President, than a person who thinks, believes, and acts like we believe a President should act? Wouldn’t it be better to have a non Christian who instills conservative values than a malicious Christian as our President?

Though I’d much prefer a Christian as President, the simple fact remains that ultimately I’d rather have an excellent President leading our nation. Though Byran obviously had his own biasness to contend with and ultimately has his goal of what he hoped to accomplish, he manages to stay neutral for the most part and in the end product the viewer actually rethinks what is Article VI, and why is Amendment VI in the Bill of Rights? Anytime somebody can get their viewers to actually look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it’s a good thing.

I’d recommend it and would give it four stars out of five.

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