As an American I speak out (Part 1)

February 28, 2012

By Stephen Cambre


At our founding, we as a people declared our independence from a power that conspired to establish tyranny over the citizens of the new world. The people, our ancestors, knew full well that it would take war to secure the blessings of the liberty they declared and sought. That declaration defined what America stood for and what they were willing the fight and die for. It proclaimed to the world that America would be a nation that based its Laws on the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God which respects the individual and that all men were created equal and all are endowed by their Creator with basic human rights that are unalienable and that no man or government can deny to him. Rights that man himself cannot confer to another. These are the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness which means that all men have the right to live with the freedom to use their God given talents and abilities to labor to produce or acquire those things that make life enjoyable and pleasing and to secure for himself and his family a future and to build a foundation from with his children can build upon and prosper.

The rights espoused in our Declaration of Independence are reaffirmed in the final line in the preamble of our Constitution which states, “and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Apparently our elected representatives and far too many of my fellow citizens either do not understand what this line means or even worse they just do not care. What does “our posterity” mean in the context of this document? It means your children and your children’s children and on and on. The statement means their Life, their Liberty and their Property are to be secured for all time

An examination of each of these three Basic Human Rights proves that our Government does not even pretend to protect any of these rights. Our elected leaders are temporary stewards of our Constitution and all have sworn an oath to protect and defend it. Let us see how the stewards of our liberties live up to their oaths by examining each of these rights individually.

Life – How is our government protecting this most basic of all rights, the one right that makes all others meaningful? Our government, by the force of law, protects the right of the individual to decide whether a human life lives or dies not for necessity but for in most cases selfish reasons or convenience. As I pointed out above, the right to Life is granted to the individual at the moment that life begins by their Creator and cannot be conferred to another. Only that individual and the Creator can make that decision. Those in our government entrusted to secure this right do not have the courage to for legal clarity define that moment when Life and the right to it begins. In violation of that right our government institutes laws to protect not the party that possesses that right but with the party that can never possesses it. Once the most basic right to Life is transgressed, it and all other rights are weakened and susceptible to repeated violations. They become malleable to the selfish passions of man. The lack of clarity in the law regarding when life begins cheapens life itself and deemphasizing its meaning and its sanctity. Universal healthcare is a prime example. Since our government has assumed authority over life’s beginning it is compelled to have dominion over its entirety. Why would those we entrust forsake us and violate their oaths of office and assume authority over something that they can have no authority over? Weak men are incapable of controlling their passions and surrender to them. They trade that right for the power of the vote and what that vote can give them.

Liberty – The freedom of the individual to use the abilities and talents granted to him at birth by the Creator and improved upon with time to live is the basis for human existence and a basic human right. To labor is to survive. How is this basic right being protected? In our country today liberty does not exist. If any citizen is to ply his trade to make a living he must be granted that right from the administrative state. Permits must be applied for, certifications must be obtained, inspections must be done, regulations and Congressional Acts or more accurately, decree’s, must be adhered to with never-ending interference to insure compliance and of course the ever changing and eternal taxes one must pay. All this and more just to exercise your unalienable right to make a living and survive. This again is a gross violation of one’s Liberty and of which they can never possess authority over. The purpose of government is to protect the individual’s right to labor to survive, not restrict it and profit from it. This leads me to the last of these basic human rights.

Pursuit of Happiness – This is the freedom to, along with the freedom to labor, to acquire property, the fruits of one’s labor, that brings happiness to one’s life and make it enjoyable. This freedom is only limited by the individual either by the trade chosen, talents that are applied, location, drive and determination. Since every individual limits themselves in different ways there can and will never be equal outcomes although every individual has equal access to pursuit happiness in their life. The acquisition of property aside from enjoying life is the securing for oneself that which is needed to carry them to the end of life and to build a foundation to secure the next generation and to which consecutive generations could build upon. Has this basic human right been protected? In the pursuit of happiness in life the individual has all the restriction imposed on his Liberties and our government bleeds off so much more of the property or wealth the individual acquires through his labor than what is needed for the legitimate function of government that it deprives the individual of the happiness he labors for and for too many depriving them of security at the end of life. If the individual has managed to build what our law makers in our government believes to be too big a foundation to leave to your children they just take it. The taking of that which is more than is needed for the legitimate function of administering the Constitution is a violation of this right and is criminal. After surrendering that which is Constitutional the individual has the sole right to dispense of his property as he sees fit. As I point out Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the foundation of our institution of government, means little to those entrusted to protect them.


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