As an American, I speak out. (Part 2)

March 16, 2012


Our founders cherished the sovereignty of the individual and feared the concentration of power in a central government. They clearly understood the danger and threat concentrated power would have on individual and State sovereignty. A republican form of democracy with the separation of powers within the federal government and that its powers were few and limited and reserving all other authority to the States and to the People. This they felt was the key to good government. This is Federalism. They created and instituted it. Our Government as a whole today is but a shell of what was instituted. A case for this statement I believe can be made if one takes the time to examine its actions. Our government was divided into three branches which have few specific and enumerated powers. Progressives have used these three branches to created an unconstitutional forth branch, the Administrative State. On an examination of each, a train of abuses of power, violations to the Constitution and the usurpations of the liberties of the citizens of the United States can be found.

Executive Branch – The Executive is charged by our Constitution to faithfully execute that Constitution and its laws and to administer the government with the powers granted to him, to nominate all federal judges, to conduct foreign affairs and to command the military.

Over the course of our history we have had 44 executive, have they been faithful to our Constitution? We have been blessed with good ones, mediocre ones and we have had bad ones. Four of them stand out for their blatant disregard of the Constitution and of their duty and for their success at subverting our Constitution and expanding the power and reach of their authority over those they are to govern. Woodrow Wilson ushered in the era of progressive thought and showed openly his disdain for our founding. Following him was Franklin Roosevelt who used the crisis of the depression to forever change the relation between the people and the government. He instituted programs to be administered by a bureaucracy of his creation for the purpose of expanding the reach of government making the citizen dependent on the benevolence of the State thus insuring a permanent political class. His legacy is the root of our decline and continues to haunt and torment us to this day. Lyndon Johnson came along at a point in history and again used the crisis of discontent in our country that was in large part born in the Roosevelt administration to further expand government dependency.

Our present executive is the product of our past. Barack Obama is a radical that is continuing the legacy of taking our country down the progressive path of decline through dependency. He openly defies our Constitution, violates our Bill of Rights, mocks our cultural and religious traditions, purposely divides the people for the purpose of pitting one against the other, recklessly uses our treasury for his political benefit and condemns the citizens to poverty by meddling in our economy. He as a progressive understands poverty leads to dependency and dependency leads to servitude. Servitude to the State is the goal of Progressivism and he is its leader.       

Legislative Branch – This branch of government with its two parts were instituted to represent to the interests of the people in a House of Representatives and the interests of the States in a Senate. Congress is where the people and the States become the Federal Government and where the interests of both are considered and debated on matters pertaining to the common affairs within the limit granted to that institution by the Constitution to pass laws that secure for the people and their children Life, Liberty and their pursuit of Happiness. Our Constitution granted few and specific powers in which they can make laws and to be a check on abuses of the other two branches.

Our country has produced many who have served honorably for the people by executing their duties with fidelity to the Constitution. Unfortunately progressives with their open contempt for the Constitution and its limits brought deceit, deception, envy, unrest, and a class structure for which to exploit to our body politic. Today we see and suffer from the fruits of progressivism.

In the name of progress these progressives have altered the structure of the legislative body to diminish the sovereignty of the States and to relegate them to the status of agents of federal authority with the 17th amendment. Progressives gave themselves authority over the right to the fruits of our own labor through the power to tax our incomes as they define it for whatever they desire with little or no regard to our consent thus severely limiting our ability to make a living and to pursuit happiness. Progressivism has created an enormous and unaccountable bureaucracy whose regulations they produce carry the force of law even though they were never voted on by our Representative or signed into law by our President. Law without Constitutional process is not law. Just power comes from the consent of the governed, if consent is not granted then the power and the law or regulation is therefore illegitimate and is without force. The ultra vires actions that are promoted and pursued by progressives are in direct conflict with constitutional law and its purpose is to render our Constitution meaningless. Progressivism is uniformity by force and Constitutionalism is liberty, the two cannot coexist therefore Constitutionalism must be dismantled to build their vision of heaven on earth.

Judicial Branch – Our Constitution created in this branch of government a Supreme Court and gave Congress the power to create inferior courts as they see fit to enforce federal law, to arbitrate disputes regarding federal law and to check the abuses of power by the other two branches by restraining the passions of the parties to over reach and violate the Constitution with the Supreme Court having the final say on Constitutionality. Impartiality in the execution of the law is paramount to good government. Unfortunately for our country this is not the case in many cases with the inferior courts. Again, progressives have subverted this branch by consenting to nominees who will insert their will and advance progressivism by decree in order to circumvent the consent of the people and the legislative branch to create an Oligarchy of the courts. Those agenda items the progressives cannot garner by the consent of the people are imposed upon the people by judicial fiat. These types of actions are beyond its authority and are in opposition to its purpose. Our Constitution is not protected by our federal courts it is only a means to impose progressivism on the people. 

Our Supreme Court is no better. We have entrusted the securing of our rights with a court that has within it members who openly show contempt for the very document it was instituted to protect. There are members that openly state that it is good to consult foreign law to determine what our founders meant in drafting our Constitution. If this is the case, they are not qualified to sit and make judgments. Foreign law has no place in the interpretation of our Constitution. If foreign law is used for that purpose that justice should be removed from that position of honor he holds. Another member openly advises a foreign country on their soil that they should not look to the United States Constitution for guidance in drafting their Constitution and that they should look to others that she named because they addressed basic human rights is contemptible. As I explained earlier Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are basic human rights and our Declaration of Independence proclaimed them to the world and our Constitution secures them if she was not blinded by ideology she would know this. She is obviously confuses about what is a basic rights and what is a politically granted rights. How can someone so confused sit in judgment of something she does not believe in? She cannot and should not hold that position and should be removed. This confusion of what is a basic right and what is a political right is what perverts our laws and our society. This kind of reasoning is what gave us the right for government to seize private property and give to another private individual not for public use but to increase revenues to government through taxes. This is how the non-transferrable right to life was transferred to someone that can never possess it mostly for personal convenience. Trust in those sitting on our Supreme Court that they will interpret our Constitution in the light and the reason it was penned is essential if our Constitution is to survive. This is why the nomination and conformation should be taken much more seriously than it is. The only consideration for a nominee to a court is their fidelity to the clear meaning of the Constitution. Diversity for the sake of being politically correct is the main reason that at least two members were seated and this is a very dangerous precedent. There are some bright lights currently serving honorably on our courts and have not succumb to their passions and our country is grateful.

Administrative State – This is the government behind the government. It operates whether the other three do or not. It consists of Departments, Agencies, Boards, Panels, etc. all set up to help the people of course but in actuality they torment them. Once these entities are created they operate independently from the other three and have the power of the other three. They have the power to make regulations that have the force of law bypassing the Congress and the consent of the people. The Administrative State has the power to make law, enforce those laws and impose penalties and imprisonment and when challenged are brought before the very courts that turned a blind eye to the fact that they are unconstitutional and void of any legitimacy. The Administrative State is the result of the ultra vires actions taken by the legitimate branches to do what they know they cannot get the consent of the people for and to shield them from responsibility and accountability of their actions. Our government uses taxpayer dollars to send out agents to torment the people into submission. Just try to open a business, bring a product to market, build a house, add an addition to your existing home or in many places cut a tree down and see what will befall you if you are deemed in noncompliance with any of the mountain of regulations known or unknown to you. The Administrative State pumps out so many regulations that those who are supposed to have over site do not know how many there are. This means every citizen in this country can be found guilty of one or more regulations and fined or imprisoned as a result and they have no idea they violated anything. Congress has the power by the consent of the people to make laws by the constitution. This power cannot be conferred to another person or group of people (agency) without the consent of the people. The Constitution does not grant such power therefore the Administrative State is unconstitutional.

Our elected officials say that this abuse must be reined in but do nothing. They created it; they can dismantle it if there was the will to do so. The question is who controls the powers in government the creator of or the creation we call the Administrative State?

Is this what a government instituted to protect individual right looks like or does it look more like a government transformed to protect the power of government?



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