As The World Burns…

June 29, 2009

It’s amazing to me that Michael Jackson’s death remains a top priority while so much more is going on in the world.

Among the top stories should be the coup going on in Honduras. Earlier in the week, leftist President Manuel Zelaya was pushing for a referendum that would have allowed him to serve a third term, despite the fact that the Honduran high court ruled it an illegal referendum. That vote was supposed to take place on Sunday, but before the vote, the Honduran military took matters into their own hands and removed Zelaya from office.

Zelaya was reported to be in Costa Rica, while the military surrounds the current Presidential palace and a new President has been sworn in.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s dictator who’d be better looking if he’d just put a bullet hole through his own head, has already began to meddle in this affair, threatening violence and military action if this doesn’t soon get resolved. Resolved in Hugo Chavez’s world means that he gets the leaders he wants.

Hugo Chavez’s lapdogs Evo Morales- Bolivia, Rafael Correa- Ecuador, and Nicaragua’s most famous child molester Daniel Ortega all condemned the military coup, despite the fact that Chavez and Ortega led their own military coup. Last report has shots fired at the Presidential Palace late Sunday evening and Zelaya protesters answered Zelaya’s call to revolt peacefully.

This is similar to what is going on in Iran in that a leftist tyrant is trying to hold onto power, this time however, the leftist tyrant was removed from office. What to watch for is President Obama’s reaction to this, and contrast and compare it to how he handled the Iranian situation. In a best case scenario, he allowed the iron fist of Iran’s government to crush the people.

But with potential of spill over into the United States, it only stands to reason that we tighten up the security of our borders, especially since Latin’s Little Hitler down in Venezuela wants to eventually go to war with the United States. With Obama as President, that’s an unlikely scenario, as is disposing of leftist tyrants throughout Latin American.

Each misstep by the Obama administration has emboldened these tyrants, has encouraged them to crush resistance in their respective countries, and has dramatically brought us on the brink of World War III. Welcome back (Jimmy) Carter.


Isn't it amazing, people all over the world are struggling to be free and the US media and a lot of its citizens are focused on worshipping a freak/pedophile who od'd. Pretty pathetic...

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