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May 3, 2012

We often encourage our readers to vote for certain candidates by carefully giving them our stamp of approval.  Such was the case this past weekend when we endorsed Slate #3 in Louisiana’s GOP caucus.  We are not always serious at Louisiana Conservative; however, we do take our readers’ trust seriously and do not intentionally mislead anyone in anyway.

Last Fall, we did give our stamp of approval to several candidates while other candidates just could not pass our Conservative sniff test.  Even though we feel very confident in our endorsements, there may be a candidate on occasion that will prove us wrong.  We cannot make up for that other than to apologize for our error in judgement.

Rep. Taylor Barras supports the National Popular Vote as a Republican In Name Only

We did not endorse Rep. Taylor Barras in District 48 as he was just a party switcher.  His support of the National Popular Vote bill (HB 1095) as a Republican In Name Only,  solidifies our standing that he is not a Conservative.  However, we must now admit that we made a terrible mistake in endorsing Rep. Johnny Berthelot.  We can not back him in his support of the National Popular Vote and we will remember this during his next election.

We can only speculate what the end result would be if this Interstate Compact (HB 1095) were to pass in our legislature.  Perhaps the thinking is that if Louisiana had voted for Obama, and Mitt Romney won the popular vote, it would appear as if Louisiana voted for Mitt Romney.  Nice thinking if you’re a Louisiana Republican, but if you’re a Democrat, you would be furious.  Putting the shoe on the other foot, if Barack Obama wins the popular vote, but Louisiana votes for Mitt Romney, how would we feel?  Either way, our state will not have any weight in the matter. Rather, other states such as California and New York will be the decision-makers for our country.

Now let’s take a step back and look at the big picture surrounding NPV. Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t like the photo identification requirements because it “disenfranchises” minorities.  It seems to me there are other specific reasons why Eric Holder would want to remove photo identification as a requirement to remove the mechanisms that prevent fraudulent votes by dead people and illegal aliens.  Mix that in with back door amnesty, California prisons releasing tens of thousands of inmates, “missing” absentee votes from our military personnel serving overseas, and you have a great recipe for the re-election of Barack Obama through divisions caused by a race war, a class war, and now a geographic war.

Rep. Johnny Berthelot, State District 88 photo from

Imagine the election in which Louisiana, Idaho, Montana, and other states don’t matter. How the National Popular Vote would eliminate the electoral process would mean that we’d be flooded with prime time commercials based on national issues specific to other states. The things that really matter to Louisiana aren’t always the things that really matter to Florida, New York, or California. Our votes as Louisianans would be devalued as Americans. In fact, I’d venture to say that populated places would matter, places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. The major cities across the nation would really matter since that’s where candidates can maximize their vote per dollar.

What it really boils down to other than ensuring Obama’s re-election, is the money. The current rules of the game requires our presidential candidates to visit as many states as possible and in doing so, address the issues that matter to those respective states. They have to spend their money to win over states. Change the rules of the game and the candidates only need to win over a few cities.

In Louisiana, we can see how a National Popular Vote can change through our own history. How many elections were there that New Orleans actually vetoed the will of the rest of the state? Often, the people of North Louisiana feel as if their vote doesn’t matter because Southern Louisiana (New Orleans) has the population needed to win. Now, think New Orleans keeping their polls open late night and carrying Louisiana by just a few thousand votes. Imagine Los Angelos, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and other towns along the Mexican border increasing their vote totals by just 5%. Would you notice? Would anybody check to see if voter fraud happened in all those towns? Imagine if we took away the lock of photo identification, how would we be able to investigate?

Major cities would always have a higher percentage of turn out, and the election would merely be reduced to an entertaining carnival, decided not by the will of the people, but to just a few who control the votes in major cities.

Johnny Berthelot and Taylor Barras must think more of Chicago than they do of their own constituents. I suppose they are really impressed with how Barack Obama is running the country. They must be the two people that make up the “Republicans for Barack Obama” Club in Louisiana.

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