At the Height of Incompetence

June 28, 2007

What is the first thing you would like Congress to do to prove they can “get the job done”

Would you like to see Congress come together and support our troops, give the military whatever it takes to be successful in Iraq and make the country proud like when President Bush #1 rescued Kuwait, or when President Reagan, who should be on honored on Mt. Rushmore, rescued Grenada and Panama, and won the Cold War with the U.S.S.R.?

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Would you like to see the most failed government program, Social Security, actually be made into an efficient and fair program that served Americans, instead of needing a bailout every decade, robbing taxpayers of more and more of their paycheck, and being wasted on every criminal brave enough to violate our immigration laws?


Would you like to see the abolishment of the Federal Department of Education that has totally failed our children with a perpetual slide in the quality of education in support of the nonsensical “outcome based” ignorance, which has done more to corrupt and degrade local schools with its unfunded “every child gets left behind” mandates than it has ever done good?


Would you like to see Congress work together and actually make our borders secure from terrorists?


Would you like Congress to insist that the Justice Department actually enforce the various ignored laws already on the books, instead of collecting graft from special interests groups who regularly defy the law at the expense of the average American?


With little to show that Congress can do ANYTHING right and with an approval rating nearly in the single digits, Congress has finally come together and agreed on fixing a “problem”.


No, the majority is still a bunch of spineless, self-serving traitors that are more willing to create another Vietnam and who can see no further than their own re-election.


No, they continue with the fraud of Social Security that moves ever closer to lighting the fuse of revolt as fewer and fewer workers are FORCED to subsidize more and more undeserving recipients perpetually attached to the government teat.


No, the Federal government continues, despite how long they have known of the failure, to force unfunded mandates down the throat of local school systems with total disregard for the hardships inflicted on taxpayers FORCED to finance an obviously failed system that has trouble graduating students that can actually read.


No, with the most ineffectual border security, our borders are as porous as ever with an ever growing number of criminals, both domestic and foreign, defying our immigration laws, while Congress debates a so-called “comprehensive” plan designed to forgive them all, while maintaining more average citizens in prisons than any other country in the world, with Louisiana being among the worst states.


No, Congress does nothing visible to require the enforcement of existing laws to stop the blatant corruption on Wall Street as they move to restrict free speech and the exchange of information on AM Radio, preferring to cater to their richest political donors and trying to keep the public ignorant to their criminal activities.


In a startling gesture of cooperation, Congress has moved to prove to the American public that their dismal approval ratings are not deserved. Despite their incompetence, their cowardness, and their disregard for the law, Congress has “proved” (to themselves) that they are in fact “good employees”.


In the “real world”, good employees are rewarded, so what better way to prove how good Congress really is, than by Congress getting a raise in salary, no matter how much their employer thinks they do not deserve it.

Williams Communications – Chmn., Pres. & CEO, CNNfn



HOPKINS: Now, the fiber optic section and networking stocks did well today. The bad news, really, has been perceived by investors as the worst is behind us. Is that you what see as well?

JANZEN: Well, you know, it would appear that we`re reaching the bottom in the market for our stocks. And the tragedy of September 11 really does nothing but reinforce how important network technologies are to ongoing business and how important networks are really for business to be conducted in this country. So I think you`ll see nothing but increased demand as a result of that.

HOPKINS: Now, we`ve heard a lot about there being too much fiber optic cable. There`s really a glut on the market. That`s not your view.

JANZEN: Well, the problem is there is a surplus of unlit fiber, but that is not usable capacity. And so this, really all the talk about the bandwidth glut that people take for granted exists, really isn`t correct because until that dark fiber is lit, which takes a significant amount of time and even more importantly, significant capital, it really isn`t a provisionable capacity, which is what`s critical. That is not in a surplus other than in specific, selected routes. But in general across the country, certainly is not a glut in usable capacity. go to website too much fiber go to web site too much fiber

HOPKINS: But we hear that businesses are cutting back on spending. Is that what you`re finding with your orders?

JANZEN: Companies in this environment, where the market is closed for financing emerging companies and even established companies, everyone is focused on trying to leverage all the facilities that are in place today.

So that certainly has cut back on capital spending around network.

HOPKINS: Now, what about the third quarter for you? Do you have any reason to expect that guidance will be lowered for your company as a result of the attacks?

JANZEN: Actually, our company has established a firm track record on delivering on our commitments. And a good example of that in this very difficult environment for our industry, we`ve executed on very element of our financing plan, raising about $3 billion in funding this year alone.

And you`ll see that same thing around our performance in the third quarter.

We haven`t seen a pullback. And again, really the impact of the tragedy on the eleventh for network companies, this is not the way I`d want to have a positive, certainly, but it is really positive because people are tending to travel less and to go ahead and use networking technologies.

HOPKINS: Your stock, though, has come from 20 down to just over 1. How do you manage in that environment?

JANZEN: Again, we have to stay focused as a company and an organization.

We continue to execute on our business plan in a very solid way. Our revenues have continued to grow quarter over quarter at rates that exceed 50 percent growth. We`re reaching EBITDA positive performance. And by the end of the year we will be EBITDA positive. We`re fully funded. So our stock price is really more a reflection of the overall view of investors of our overall industry and not so much our company. So we just have to stay focused, continue executing and eventually investors will take enough time to sort out the winners from the losers.

HOPKINS: Thanks, Howard Janzen, CEO of Williams Communications, thanks for joining us.

JANZEN: Thank you.


Jan Hopkins

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