August 2, 2011, Americas D-Day

July 14, 2011

In 1939 Europe was under assault by the advancing forces of totalitarianism which threatened the world and in 1941 our fathers and grandfathers accepted the challenge and volunteered to fight and defend Europe, Asia and Africa from the totalitarian movements that were on the march through those continents and if successful would threaten America. On our home front our mothers and grandmothers accepted the important role of support and together they earned the title of the greatest generation. The result of their tireless efforts and steadfastness to duty and honor saved the world from the menace of the Axis powers and secured for their children (us) a prosperous future. D-Day marked the beginning of the end to totalitarianisms march. When our fathers and grandfathers stormed the beaches of Normandy and faced the onslaught of the Axis power they persevered not for themselves but for family and country. May sacrificed their lives so their children would be free. Their accomplishments at Normandy established the beachhead needed to defeat totalitarianism that culminated with VE-Day (victory in Europe). The same scenarios were being repeated in the Pacific where their valor secured for us VJ-day (victory in Japan). I will be in their debt and forever grateful to them for the sacrifices they made for me, my family and my country.

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Today our country faces a similar threat that if the current generation does not address with the same sense of urgency, duty and honor that our fore fathers exhibited in their quest to secure our futures then we fail not only our children’s generation but all generations that follow. Freedoms once lost are never restored without sacrifice of blood and treasure. August 2nd is our generations D-Day. This is the day we the people must establish a beachhead against liberalism’s ever expanding and intrusive government. If we as a nation are to reverse course and return to a constitutionally limited government then this is our beachhead. When the guns on the hill (the media disinformation) start firing on us we must send the rangers (us) to nullify them by challenging them and bypassing their filters and going directly to the people. This is the time for our generation to rise to the threat to our way of life and honor those that secured a future for us and to do what is necessary to defeat the threat. Election Day 2012 needs to be our VA-Day (victory in America).

Liberal style socialism is predicated on the unlimited spending of the earnings of its citizens and uses deceit to accomplish this. When the president says that social security checks many not go out if he is not allowed to borrow more money to fund our bloated government that he expanded to unprecedented levels is deceitful at best. If the limit is not raised then he is forced to decide what get paid and what does not. Our government takes is around 200 billion per month. Monthly outlays are 29 billion on debt service, 50 billion for social security, 50 billion for Medicare/Medicaid, 2.9 for military and 2.9 for veterans. That leaves 65.2 billion per month to pay for the legitimate functions of government. There is plenty of room to cut. If social security checks are not paid out then it is because the president himself does not want them paid out and must feel that others are more deserving of those funds. It has nothing to do with republicans although the president, the democrats and the media will portray it as being the fault of the republicans. We are facing this crisis because of liberal policies not conservative policies and despite the fact that democrats have thrown every liberal idea and theory at the problem and it gets worse ought to show they have failed and are incapable of solving it. A line must be drawn and a stand must be made for if the spending is allowed to continue unabated it will be to our demise as a country.

Our futures hinge on how our current generation responds. Are we going to be known as the generation that refused to fight and lost the liberties bestowed to us by our fathers or will we be known as the generation that saved them for those to come. This is our moment and we must seize it.


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