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People Demand that Jindal Keep Promise

June 30, 2008

Last year, I wrote several columns and letters in The Daily Advertiser and other publications promoting Bobby Jindal as the strong reform leader we needed as the next governor. During the last two weeks, Gov. Jindal has been anything but strong, and, obviously, with the arrogant, bully tactics of the majority of our legislators, no […]

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Good Ole Boy Arrogance Still the Golden Rule in Louisiana Politics

June 23, 2008

A little less than a year ago, I spent time comprising blog posts and newspaper opinion pieces promoting Bobby Jindal as the best gubernatorial candidate for Louisiana. Of all the 2007 candidates, I, and much of the state, believed he was the one to help turn our state around and lead a new legislature to […]

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Victims’ Justice Threatened by Rep. Morrell, Sen. Gray

May 19, 2008

Concerned Louisiana Citizens and Dead Pelican Readers: While the voters of Louisiana have been rightfully fixated on spending and tax cut bills and the possibility of legislative pay raises, the lobbyists for criminal juveniles have quietly been working in Baton Rouge and persuading your legislators to have pity on convicted criminals. Under current law, if […]

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“Conservative” Lawmakers were Leaning Leftward

May 16, 2008

Too often, legislators will cast a vote for a bill they know is bad, in hopes that their constituents never find out. Such must have been the case for “conservative” Republican state Reps. Page Cortez and Don Trahan of Lafayette, when they voted for House Bill 122 on May 8.  [ad#Google Adsense] Under current criminal […]

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Constitutional Rights are Being Given to Illegals

April 24, 2008

At some point over the past couple of decades, the right to not be offended was inserted into our Constitution. And more recently, probably while the populace was distracted by American Idol or the Super Bowl, the rights afforded to legal residents by our Constitution have been extended to illegal aliens. Last year on the […]

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Observations a Week Later – I Had Dinner with the Governor Too

April 3, 2008

As seemingly everyone in the Louisiana blogging world now knows, Governor Bobby Jindal hosted a small dinner for bloggers, six of us in fact, and everyone from pro and anti-Jindal bloggers to talk-show host Moon Griffon have discussed that news bit. The dinner was set up by bloggers from Red, whom apparently had already […]

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Commentary: Remember, Jindal, that perception will make a difference

February 6, 2008

Lead by example. Perception is everything. My impression of Gov. Bobby Jindal is that he will adhere to that first statement. He appears to be a leader who is set on running a clean administration and will also hold other state politicians to the same standard.  However, Gov. Jindal needs to also adhere to the […]

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U.S. Budget Deficits

January 20, 2008

This is the best overall economy of my lifetime. Almost all sectors of the economy, including the service and manufacturing areas are experiencing a boom in sales and orders. This type of economy is the one described by John Maynard Keynes in which a government should be experiencing budget surpluses. Yet, the federal budget debt […]

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Only Candidate to Act on Illegals is Trailing

January 16, 2008

In a time when many Americans, especially Republicans and other conservatives, talk about the current illegal immigration problem, many either don’t realize or don’t care that the only presidential candidate who has actually done something about securing the border is polling about 1 percent and, as a result, is being left out of the debates […]

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We Must Resume Support of Domestic Businesses

December 3, 2007

The following Letter to the Editor was published in response to last week’s Daily Advertiser opinion regarding our state’s catfish industry being under siege by cheap Chinese imports.     We Must Resume Support of Domestic Businesses    The catfish industry is just the beginning of a growing problem with current U.S. trade policies. American […]

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