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How to Recall Gov. Edwards

February 12, 2016

After recently seeing an online petition addressed to Senator’s Vitter and Cassidy of the United States Senate calling on them to recall newly sworn in Governor John Bel Edwards over his decision to blackmail the Louisiana Legislature into raising taxes I realized that many people in this state may not understand what is required to […]

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The Gift that is Donald Trump

July 12, 2015

Donald Trump has taken politics by storm. In recent weeks the rambunctious real-estate mogul has surged from a novelty candidate to a leader in national and early primary polls. But, the very reason he caught fire, his blistering rhetoric on illegal immigration, is the very reason that many in the Republican establishment have been stricken with […]

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A Synopsis of the Evolution of the Presidential Primary

March 23, 2012

Since the Republican Primary has made it to us, I thought it would be interesting in taking a quick look at the evolution of the primary system in America. The primary process first got started in the 1890s under the leadership of Populist, William Jennings Bryan. Many Americans were dismayed over the process by which […]

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January 2, 2012

After a year of campaigning, months of speculation about who might jump in, and the rise, fall and bowing out of two serious contenders the Iowa contest is finally upon us. Latest polling has shown a toss-up between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney with Rick Santorum closing in quickly, even surging ahead of Newt Gingrich […]

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Where’s Reagan?

August 22, 2011

A couple weeks ago while sitting around waiting for a board meeting to start for a local conservative group I serve with I struck up a conversation with a fellow board member about 2012. This conversation rather quickly went to our favorite VP hopefuls and who’s they be best paired with. A strange conversation considering […]

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Fibromyalgia symptoms

August 2, 2011

Are you feeling pains differently from before? Are you looking for answers but don’t know who or what to trust? symptoms of fibromyalgia Perhaps you have stumbled upon a list of symptoms that seems to go on and on. A fibromyalgia symptoms list can be extensive, but there are key factors to be aware of […]

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Saving Louisiana, Part 2

July 5, 2011

I continue my plan here, this time tackling the cultural aspects instead of the need for job creation. Louisiana’s culture has many wonderful things to offer but we have within it a cancer that is eating away at our state and ultimately if it is not rooted out this disease will kill all of us. […]

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Saving Louisiana, Part 1

July 3, 2011

The Republican Party has lost its way, especially in Louisiana. The one Grand Old Party is now as corrupt and devoid of the founder’s ideals as the Democratic Party. All of those who have been elected need to be challenged in the primaries so that those who are not standing for core conservative principles can […]

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A Grand Old Party No More

June 15, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Greg Neff, a real-estate agent, husband, and lifelong republican. I have spent my life defending the Constitution, believing in the conservative economic and social principles espoused within it. Since high school I have made this defense through the GOP but more and more lately have found myself disenchanted with […]

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The End of The GOP

May 29, 2011

2008 was the story of epic primary battles, on one side of the aisle a fresh face, a man described by then Senator Joe Biden as a “clean, articulate black-man” was challenging the “inevitable” next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton while on the other side of the political spectrum an assortment of Governors, […]

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