AV~Picked Week 1

September 12, 2007

The seconds couldn’t tick off the clock fast enough for me. Not during that night game, with Dallas leading well over the Ants. The Dallas victory put me at 6-8 for the week and a horrible start to the season. It was racing through my mind, should I stop? If I continue to make bad decisions like this, people might start calling me an expert, or worse, Governor Blanco. Thank God for Monday night where both my picks were correct.
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For the week, 8-8 not even playoff caliber.
New Orleans @ Indianapolis
What a way to open the season though I’d rather see it start of with a win, for both the Saints and I.
AV~Picked Saints 31 Colts 28
Final Score Colts 41 Saints 10
Kansas City @ Houston
Kansas City’s weak defense allows Houston to put points on the board, and more than enough.
AV~Picked Chiefs 41 Texans 24
Final Score Texans 20 Chiefs 3

Atlanta @ Minnesota
Now that Vick’s been bit by the law, Atlanta’s season is in a dogfight. Perhaps if Michael Vick would have concentrated on football instead of dogfighting, he might have had a Superbowl ring by now. Atlanta without Michael Vick is a not much better team.
AV~Picked Falcons 27 Vikings 14
Final Score Vikings 24 Falcons 3

New England @ New York Jets
New England kept the Jets grounded and gave me my first win of the week.
AV~Picked New England 34 Jets 20
Final Score Patriots 38 Jets 14

Carolina @ St. Louis Oh the taste of perfection, but one out of fourteen is bad.
AV~Picked Black cats 27 Horny Goats 13
Final Score Black Cats 27 Horny Goats 13

Miami at Washington
The Skins go fishing, or would that be finning? Doesn’t matter, Skins win.
AV~Picked Skins 23 Fins 16
Final Score Skins 16 Fins 13

Philidelphia @ Green Bay
Who’s Brett Favre again? AV~Picked Eagles 30 Packinitin 16
Final Score Notpackedin 16 Eagles 13

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
Guess these dogs haven’t heard what Michael Vick does to dogs that lose, maybe their just glad he’s out of the league.
AV~Picked Dawgs 21 Steelers 20 Final Score Steel Curtain 34 Dawged 7

Denver @ Buffalo
Broncs haven’t won a season opener in a few years, a trend that ends this year. Broncos goterdun.
AV~Picked Broncos 17 Bills 7
Final Score Broncos 15 Bills 14

Tennessee @ Jacksonville
Tennessee has been Titanic, as in their recent seasons have sunk, but a new season and a second year QB steers them to victory. Titans hammer the Jags
AV~Picked Titans 31 Jags 20
Final Score Titans 13 Jags 10

Tampa Bay @ Seattle
Hasselback apparently likes President Bush, now Seattle liberals hate Hasselback. I’d hate to play in a city of crazy people too. Buccs still didn’t benefit.
AV~Picked Buccs 20 Hawks 17
Final Score Hawks 20 Buccs 6

Chicago @ San Diego
What could have been but never was, and we find out why. Even the Chargers were better than the Superbowl loser.
AV~Picked Chicago 35 Chargers 27
Final Score Chargers 14 Bears 3

Detroit @ Oakland
In the most boring game of the day, these two teams clashed in a battle for the first overall draft pick. Raiders won that battle.
AV~Picked Raiders 17 Lions 9
Final Score Roaring Lions 36 Raiders 21

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
In the fourth quarter the score was Boize 38 Army Ants 22.
AV~Picked Boize 38 Army Ants 24
Finals Score Boize 45 Army Can’ts 35

Baltimore at Cincinatti
The Blackbirds slow the Tigers down, but not enough
AV~Picked Fast cats 24 Blackbirds 10
Final Score Fast Cats 27 Blackbirds 20

Arizona @ San Francisco
A Gore in San Francisco that doesn’t cry, whine, yell, or just go crazy? Well, Gore goes crazy on the football field against the Cards.
AV~Picked Niners 27 Redbirds 14
Final Score Niners 20 Redbirds 17

CNBC, Cramer go ‘Mad’.(Consumer News and Business Channel Partnership)(Jim Cramer)(Brief Article)

Daily Variety January 10, 2005 | Learmonth, Michael CNBC is canceling its year-old evening business news show “Bullseye With Dylan Ratigan” and replacing it with “Mad Money,” a show hosted by money manager Jim Cramer.

“Mad Money,” produced by CNBC’s primetime group, will air weeknights at 6. Cramer will continue to contribute to CNBC’s 5 p.m. talker “Kudlow & Cramer.” “This new program will allow Jim to translate to television what he does so well on his successful radio program,” wrote CNBC topper Pamela Thomas-Graham in a staff memo. “Mad Money” will give viewers “unprecedented access to what Jim feels are the opportunities and pitfalls of the often confusing jungle of Wall Street investing.” The programming change is expected to be announced later this week. go to website jim cramer mad money

CNBC, a fixture on the screens of trading floors and in financial institutions, typically scores a Nielsen peak of 217,000 in-home viewers between 3 and 4 p.m. ET, around the time the markets close. website jim cramer mad money

CNBC estimates its viewership is far higher, because Nielsen does not measure viewers in the workplace.

But the network has struggled to find its footing in primetime, and morning ratings have slipped from a peak in 2000 as viewers lost interest in financial news.

CNBC canceled “McEnroe” after just six months due to poor ratings and remade its franchise morning show, “Squawk Box,” late last year.

“Bullseye” host Ratigan will remain at the network.

Learmonth, Michael


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