AV~Picks Week 1

September 6, 2007

It’s that time of year again. It’s a time that suddenly changes from blistering hot to grab a sweater. When evenings cooler and crispier. Soon we’ll see Halloween masks, followed by whiffs of pumpkin pie, and then empty bank accounts from Christmas shopping. It’s a wonderful time of year indeed, but all of that seems a little more fuller with the pigskin flying about.
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No more crying about Rex Grossman being the worst quarterback in the history of the Superbowl. That devastating 55-10 loss last year was terrible for Rex Grossman. Whoops, I’m sorry, that was John Elway. No more 2 a days, no more cutting, no more watching third stringers, Preseason is done, and the road to the Superbowl begins tonight in Indianapolis.

Today, we resurrect a great tradition with Louisiana Conservative, the AV~picks.

New Orleans @ Indianapolis

What a way to open the season though I’d rather see this game about the fourth week of the season when they are both 3-0, but it is what it is. Early mistakes put the Saints behind early, but Drew Brees and company come roaring back.

AV~Picks Saints 31 Colts 28

Kansas City @ Houston

Kansas City’s weak defense allows Houston to put points on the board, but not enough.

AV~Picks Chiefs 41 Texans 24

Atlanta @ Minnesota

Now that Vick’s been bit by the law, Atlanta’s season is in a dogfight. Perhap’s if Michael Vick would have concentrated on football instead of dogfighting, he might have had a Superbowl ring by now. Atlanta without Michael Vick is a much better team.

AV~Picks Falcons 27 Vikings 14

New England @ New York Jets

New England keeps the Jets grounded

AV~Picks New England 34 Jets 20

Carolina @ St. Louis

The Black cats travel to the gateway of the west to take on a bunch of horny goats. Horny goats?

AV~Picks Black cats 27 Horny Goats 13

Miami at Washington

The Skins go fishing, or would that be finning? Doesn’t matter, Skins win.

AV~Picks Skins 23 Fins 16

Philidelphia @ Green Bay

As the American Bald Eagle moves a little closer to being removed from the endangered species list, Brett Favre’s career gets a little closer to becoming extinct. That sums up this game.

AV~Picks Eagles 30 Packinitin 16
Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

After hearing about Michael Vick, these dawgs are afraid of losing a dogfight.

AV~Picks Dawgs 21 Steelers 20

Denver @ Buffalo

Broncs haven’t won a season opener in a few years, a trend that ends this year. Broncos buck the Bills.
AV~Picks Broncos 17 Bills 7

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

Tennessee has been Titanic, as in their recent seasons have sunk, but a new season and a second year QB steers them to victory. Titans hammer the Jags

AV~Picks Titans 31 Jags 20

Tampa Bay @ Seattle

Hasselback apparently likes President Bush, now Seattle liberals hate Hasselback. I’d hate to play in a city of crazy people too. Buccs benefit.

AV~Picks Buccs 20 Hawks 17

Chicago @ San Diego

What could have been but never was, and we find out why. Even the Superbowl loser is better than the Chargers.

AV~Picks Chicago 35 Chargers 27

Detroit @ Oakland

In the most boring game of the day, these two teams clash in a battle for the first overall draft pick. Raiders lose that battle.

AV~Picks Raiders 17 Lions 9

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

The Army Ants come marching into Big D with Eli, but it’s the Boize manning the guns.

AV~Picks Boize 38 Army Ants 24

Baltimore at Cincinatti

The Blackbirds slow the Tigers down, but not enough

AV~Picks Fast cats 24 Blackbirds 10

Arizona @ San Francisco

A Gore in San Francisco that doesn’t cry, whine, yell, or just go crazy? Well, Gore goes crazy on the football field against the Cards.

AV~Picks Niners 27 Redbirds 14

Durban’s Naick(er) Rider meets torque forces.(News) here gta 5 news

Sunday Tribune (South Africa) March 1, 2009 The thought of living the life of a famous television show character is just fantasy for most – unless, of course, you’re Vishnu Naicker.

He is Durban’s very own Michael Knight, instantly recognisable as he cruises the streets in his 1986 black Transam Firebird – an exact working replica of Kitt, the talking crime- fighting car of the hit 1980s television series, Knight Rider, which starred David Hasselhoff.

For those who grew up watching the series, getting behind the wheel of Kitt was the ultimate dream, a dream Naicker realised 20-odd years later when he built his own version of the iconic car, complete with aircraft-like cockpit, scanner lights, TV screens and authentic voice box – yes, the car does talk.

“It all started in 1992 when I drove past the American Car Sales showroom and saw this amazing white Pontiac Firebird. I had a flashback to the Knight Rider shows and that is how my dream began,” said Naicker.

The Durban businessman had an opportunity to start the Firebird’s engine in the showroom and was immediately taken by the American muscle car’s brute V8 engine.

“I could feel the windows of the showroom shaking and the car vibrating – it was amazing,” he said.

Naicker bought his very own Firebird in 1998. It was a Transam Firebird GTA 5.7 litre TPI V8, imported from California.

Although at first it was not his intention to build a replica of Kitt, after doing research on the internet and visiting the United States, Naicker found it would be possible to turn his Firebird into his ultimate dream car. go to web site gta 5 news

“I started my journey searching for information about Knight Rider, browsing through the internet and American car magazines until one day I found a website which directed me to companies responsible for building the original Knight Rider car,” he said.

While on holiday in the US in 2002 he continued his research, determined to realise his dream.

“On concluding my research, I discovered that Kitt’s cockpit and scanner light were designed by aviation experts in the United Kingdom, the front nose was manufactured for Universal Studios in Canada and the electronics were developed in Fort Loradace, Miami,” Naicker said.

When he returned to South Africa, Naicker started importing the parts he needed to build Kitt.

“It’s taken me a long time to build this car. I’ve been working on it for about six years now,” he said.

“It has a personalised lip, bonnet and boot spoiler, therefore it is the only one of its kind in South Africa,” he said.

Religious Naicker said the car attracted attention wherever he went, and was quite popular with women.

“People love it, wherever I go. You could probably get a lot of girlfriends with it, but I’m married and that’s that,” he said.

Naicker said although he enjoyed fast cars and motorcycles, he was not a fan of drag racing and did not participate in races.

Naicker is a deeply religious man. He said people were surprised to hear that he was studying to be a guru and that when he was not upgrading the electronics on Kitt, he was studying religion and meditating. Last year he joined gurus in a |60-day fast for world peace.

Naicker said Kitt held very special significance for him.

“Kitt symbolises peace and justice. Michael Knight was a person who wanted to rid the world of corruption – and that is what I want to do, in a way,” he said.

Kitt can be viewed at the Overport Motor Show, today at the Overport Secondary School grounds.


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