Av~Picks Week 4

September 28, 2007

Hmm, Jena’s high school football team played tonight… final score Vidalia 32 Jena 6… ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, last week I was 9-7 for the second week in a row, but I was a lot closer overall on the scores. Here’s wishing to this week.

Houston @ Atlanta
Two years ago, well even last year this game was a no-brainer. It’s still a no-brainer, but the obvious pick this time is Houston. The chicks get wrangled.
AV~Picks Wranglers 31 Chicks 7
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Baltimore @ Cleveland
One week the Dawgs know how to role with it, the next week, who knows? One thing I know is that Dawgs chase cats, but not Birds. Blackbird give Dawgs a black eye.
AV~Picks Blackbirds 31 Dawgs 27

Oakland @ Miami
Two teams whose season is already sinking. Silver and Black pirates sail the waters, Fins swim.
AV~Picks Fins 27 Raiduhs 19

Chicago @ Detroit
When you had enough beer and are ready for a nap, switch over to Direct tv channel 709 for the Cubs and Kittens as they sissy slap each other. I’ll take the Cubs Kittens.

AV~Pickszzz… huh, what? Sorry, these two teams are so sad, they’re already putting me to sleep, and I’m just pickin a score. AV~Picks Kittens 19 Cubs 17

New York Jets @ Buffalo
Bills could lose to the Saints, Rams, and Falcons… they are pretty bad. Give me those J E T S Jets Jets Jets…
AV~Picks Flying high 35 Vulnerabills 10

Green Bay @ Minnesota
Packers are due for a loss, thankfully they are playing Minnesota.
AV~Picks Packers 27 Vikes 24
St. Louis @ Dallas
Dem Boize are almost as good as dem boize at Louisiana Conservative Dot Com….wait, is this the fake quotes post?
AV~Picks Dem Boize 41 Horny Goats 17

Seattle @ San Francisco
Crazy Gore (Not Al, I mean Crazy legs Gore) let’s loose on the Hawks.
AV~Picks Gold diggers 24 Hawks 20

Tampa Bay @ Carolina
Pewter Pirates become angry pirates after this weeks game. Black Cats get game winning controversial call.
AV~Picks Black cats 17 Angry Pirates 16

Kansas City @ San Diego
Chiefs go on warpath in San Diego, do pow wow, cause rain, power outage. At least that’s what the headlines should read. L.T. is Less Touchdowns.
AV~Picks Geronimos 24 Power outage 14

Denver @ Indianapolis
Could be a coming out party for the Broncos, could be they lost last week because they were looking forward to this game. Could be the unleashing of a spectacular offense and defense. But until the Broncos show they are playoff worthy, I got to go with the Superbowl champs.
AV~Picks Colts 38 Ponies 10

Pittsburgh @ Arizona
After the Redbirds finish this game they’ll be the bloody birds.
AV~Picks Pittsburgh 35 Bloody birds 13

Philadelphia @ New York GI Ants
One would think the Burds would have a field day with this Army ant defense, but me thinks Archie’s boy can keep up.
AV~Picks Army Ants 35 Eagles 31

New England @ Cincinatti

The Dept. of Homeland Security might be spying, then again, they might not, but they certainly know how suppress opposition.
AV_Picks Dept. of Homeland Security 37 Tigers 20

Last Week 9-7
Season 26-22


Not much, other than a lot of people who pay attention to politics like football.

Danny Uriegas
Danny Uriegas

what does football pics have to do with politics?

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