AV~Picks Week 5

October 4, 2007

Before I go into my week five picks, I just want to say one thing about LSU and the Florida Gators game coming up… “Taze the Gators!”
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Miami @ Houston
A team that’s not going to lose two games in a row very often has to stop losing three games in a row. Wranglers are that team.
AV~Picks Wranglers 20 Fins 12

Jacksonville @ Kansas City
Neither team is really playoff caliber, but the experts seem to think the Jags are going to win this one, that’s why I’m going with the Chiefs.
AV~Picks Chiefs 19 Jags 16

Cleveland @ New England
Browns won’t role up 50= points here, but the Patriots might.
AV~Picks DHS 34 Dawgs 23

Carolina @ New Orleans
I swore I wasn’t going to do this, and despite being winless and having key injuries, me thinks the Saints come out with guns blazing, Thank God for LSU to save the season. Saints end losing streak.
AV~Picks Saints 27 Black Cats 14

New York Jets @ New York Giants
Jets crash, Army Ants capture the Hudson
AV~Picks Army Ants 30 Jets 10

Seattle @ Pittsburgh
Seattle extracts revenge for Superbowl loss.
AV~Picks Hawks 24 Steelers 20

Arizona @ St. Louis
Red Birds make it two, Horny Goats just lay there.
AV~Picks Red Birds 31 Horny Goats 13

Detroit @ Washington
Lions starting to have a little bite, spanks the Skins
AV~Picks Lions 27 Skins 17

Atlanta @ Tennessee
Titans seem to get Younger, eradicates Chicks
AV~Picks Titans 34 Chicks 7

Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis
Another one where the experts pick the champs, and why not? The Colts are a safe bet, ripe for the picking, and the Buccs are just the team to do that.
AV~Picks Pewter Pirates 34 Colts 23

San Diego @ Denver
What should have been game of the week is now game of salvation. Broncs seem closer to a break out game and they are at home.
AV~Picks Broncs 31 Lights out 10

Baltimore @ San Francisco
Gold Diggers knows gold digging, but the Blackbirds know football.
AV~Picks Blackbirds 26 Gold Diggers 23

Chicago @ Green Bay
Yes, it’s an easy one for the experts and there’s got to be a reason their experts, I’ll go with them on this game.
AV~Picks Packers 37 Cubs 14

Dallas @ Buffalo
Are you kidding me, this is going to be more like a repeat of the Super bowl, the one which the Bills lost.
AV~Picks Dem Boize 41 Bills 17


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