March 13, 2011

As I begin to type this, it’s not far from 11 o’clock at night. I’ve gotten a job at Electronic Arts, a major video game developer/publisher, and since Tuesday my excited anticipation has only grown. Not only does that start Monday, but so does my second college class this semester, Introduction to Cinema Studies. To further the occupation of my time I’m intending to meet with a new Priest at the church I attend (St. Thomas More, Baton Rouge Diocese) to try to get more involved with the Parish. Needless to say, my plate is stacked for the foreseeable future; but I wouldn’t accept the tasks if I didn’t find myself fitting of the schedule. Selfishly, I hope I can pull it off to keep my caution-casters, particularly the two elderly ones I live with, off my back otherwise.

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I mentioned briefly in a previous article that I am in no way, shape, or form a Tea Partyist; and though I am not electing to directly address my specific feelings for the Organization(s), I do find myself increasingly dumbfounded at it’s selection in Leadership and the blind support that follows it. Ultimately I should be appreciative; it demonstrates just how far presentation really goes over the quality of content, a fact that I constantly push as a key to any product in any field.

The Organization(s) likes to claim itself a direct descendant of the Boston Tea Party, spiritual successors of the Founding Fathers themselves. At the point of its (real) creation in the Spring of 2009, its members seemed to be no more than you and I; average Americans grown weary of fiscal irresponsibility, and impassioned to express our displeasure. They were key in leading the opposition to the Health Care debate, and its Populist facade was more than enough to turn the Independents against the Democrat’s and help the GOP get the votes it needed to make a historic comeback in November of 2010.

With that being said, you would think that the organization would be championed by wise, experienced intellectuals. You would also be wrong. The first ‘Queen’ of the Movement(s) was Sarah Palin, renowned for her generic policy points and losing a Presidential Election for a senior member of the Senate. Throughout the year of 2010, she seemed to clearly be their leader and their Presidential Candidate. I suppose that when she chose to spend her time being filmed Elk-hunting in Alaska, it was only natural for the newly-elected Tea Party-endorsed rookies to formally choose a leader, one that actually held public office. That woman was (and is) Michelle Bachmann.

Michelle Bachmann is still in her first term in Congress, which begs to ask why she would be positioned in such a top role; her ‘Grass-Root’ supporters act as if she’s been given a Mandate from Heaven. I find the woman to be the perfect example of the dog chasing the bus; she hounds and hounds Obama (and Republicans, when it suits her point) and his policies, especially Obamacare, yet she herself seems void of rational decision-making, and would be clueless if she ever ‘catches the bus’ and gets elected President.

Want proof? In 2005 she opposed a bill to raise minimum wage in her home state of Minnesota; her time in that Legislative body also demonstrated her semi-homophobic views, seeking to ban Gay Marriage, though we should have “a profound compassion for people who are dealing with the real issue of sexual dysfunction”. She believes that we should “wean off” the American people from Social Security, and considered a 75-cent surcharge on cigarettes proposed by Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota a tax increase, leading to her automatic opposition – although she waffled and went on to vote in favor of the measure. Other key points of brilliance include a call to remove the country from the global economic web, and the consideration of nuking Iran.

Apparently, factually-based statements are not at the top of her priority list; her renown grows by the day for irrational and comically ridiculous statements. You see, if we eliminated minimum wage “we could potentially wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level”, and, “Gay Marriage is probably the biggest issue that will impact our state in the last, at least, thirty years. I am not understating that”. I personally think she deserves an award for being able to seamlessly integrate a future-tense fragment with a past-tense fragment and still get support. Her more attention-drawing points of history include the ‘fact’ that the Founding Fathers were all abolitionists (never mind that many of them owned slaves), and that Manchester, New Hampshire hosted the ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ (which actually happened in Concord, Massachusetts). Still, she argues, the people of New Hampshire are encouraging her to run; never mind that Mitt Romney has her smoked by some 30 points in the NH Polls.

The Tea Party’s credibility will slip, slowly but surely, between now and November of 2012. These rookies in the House that strut about as if they own D.C. are doing all the dirty work in their own undermining; I know that I and many people that I speak to gravitate towards voices of compromise and reason like Speaker John Boehner and Paul Ryan, not Michelle Bachman and her Caucus (though she enjoys taking the liberty of referring to the House as “Her House”). The hundreds of billions of dollars in budget cuts that they temper-tantrumed for was absurd; what then, if we just took an axe to such a massive piece of our budget? Have they no awareness for the sensitivity of our economic and fiscal position? Michelle Bachmann has made it clear that the Tea Party will run Primary challenges to all incumbent Republicans not a member of the Caucus in 2012; I say, Bring It On.

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“Unfortunately, these types of online scams aren’t new,” said Bruce Steckler, head of the firm’s general litigation section. “And it isn’t just one or two isolated incidents. Profit-making, yet incredibly deceptive online practices have become so numerous that the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce launched a full investigation on these types of scams to see how consumers can be protected. As a law firm dedicated to protecting consumers, it’s our responsibility to stand up against these companies and tell them they can’t do this.” At the forefront of online scam litigation, Baron & Budd currently serves as co-lead counsel in the EasySaver Rewards MDL, a case that concerns a similar scam perpetuated by Encore Marketing Group through its EasySaver Rewards program. Websites affected include Shari’s Berries, Cherry Moon Farms, Red Envelope and, most notably, Proflowers. here proflowers coupon code

Dallas-based Baron & Budd,: ((Comments on this story may be sent to


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