Baton Rouge A Banana Republic?

February 2, 2012

A well decorated Police Officer recently filed a criminal complaint against the Mayor of Baton Rouge, and since we first broke the story of alleged antics by the Mayor, other people have come forward and confided stories concerning this matter.

A man we will call Doug, woke up early to avoid the traffic jam he was forced to fight everyday going to work. The traffic problem was caused mainly by the congestion on I-10 at the Mississippi River bridge. The State of Louisiana wanted to widen the I-10 at the bridge but the local senator killed the funding to avoid inconveniencing a few of his constituents.

Doug worked hard all day at his job knowing that 30% of his pay would go to taxes. He didn’t mind paying his share because he was a patriot. Doug knew the taxes were used for education, public safety, and all required government agencies making life good for all. Doug didn’t watch the news on T.V. or read the newspaper. Doug was busy providing for his family, attending church on Sunday and doing those things a responsible husband was supposed to do. This was Doug’s life a couple of years ago before he decided to go home early from work.

A Police Officer stood guard outside of Doug’s home trying to prevent Doug from catching an intruder in Doug’s house having sex with Doug’s wife.

The intruder, a high ranking public official attacked Doug and fled. Doug’s life was shattered, his dreams gone. When the event became public, he was portrayed as the villain. So what if the official was having an affair, it is the official’s private life, the news article inferred. No mention of the police officer standing guard, a true crime in a civilized community.

Doug remembered being in Iraq during the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime. It was discovered Saddam and his sons would have sex with whoever they wished and if the spouse or boyfriend complained, they would be murdered, imprisoned, or humiliated by the police. Saddam spread public money around to community leaders and money controlled the media.

Doug was depressed and went into seclusion until he read about a law enforcement officer coming forward to fight the corrupt activities. The news media immediately started trying to expose the honest police officer rather than the corrupt official and his private goon squad.

The courage of one lone law enforcement officer brought hope to the honest officers and they began speaking out.

Doug’s faith in the country he had fought for slowly started to return.

Note from the editor: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
When the media had the opportunity to break the story, did they investigate the right story?

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