Be Forewarned: Thompson’s No Conservative

June 7, 2007

Oyster points out how conservative attempts to repudiate president Bush reek of fraud. In so doing, he cites articles by Greenwald and Dreher. There are serious and valid points made here. Conservative commentator Rod Dreher points out how nobody seemed to have the courage to challenge Bush when his approval ratings were high. Dreher Writes:
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[As] the last wheel comes off [the Bush] presidency, and the GOP comes to grips with what this presidency has meant for the Republican Party and the conservative movement, there will be a strong temptation to resist owning up to our own complicity. Success has a thousand fathers, after all, and failure is an orphan. This failure is not President Bush’s alone. The Republican Party owns it. The conservative movement, with some exceptions, owns it….

Dreher is right. But will he have the guts to reject another conservative phony who is gaining momentum even as we speak? Will they have the guts to reject former Senator Fred Thompson, whose beliefs seem to mirror those of George W. Bush verbatim?

I have been unapologetically supporting congressman Ron Paul. He is the presidential candidate who, in my view, represents traditional conservatism that I believe in. For some reason, they now call it “libertarianism.” So be it. For now, I’ll drop the labels “conservative, liberal,” blah blah blah, and just call myself a “Ron Paul Republican.”

In this writer’s opinion, support for former Senator Fred Thompson would be the same as supporting Bush’s third term. Make no mistake: if you don’t see interventionist, globalist tendencies as being the leading factor that drove Republicans off the cliff, then you can be comfortable voting for Fred Thompson. Otherwise, he’s just a tall dude with a pleasant sounding Southern drawl. But he’s not conservative.

On several occassions, Thompson has said that invading Iraq was “the right thing to do.” He embraces what conservative pundits like George Will, William F. Buckley, Pat Buchanan, and Rod Dreher have bluntly called a disastrous foreign policy. It would be madness to vote for a man who embraces the very way of thinking that has led us to disaster. Indeed, Thompson has even openly advocated preemptive war against Iran if they try to acquire nuclear weapons. This is a clear continuation of the “Bush Doctrine,” which is essentially continued war for continued peace.
Such actions were and are unconstitutional and without historical precedent. I have arrived at this conclusion the hard way, but I am steadfast in my conviction. Iran is nowhere near having nuclear missiles that can reach the United States. Simply put, a nuclear armed Iran is a threat from the standpoint of Israel and the Saudis. But that’s it. And on the subject of terrorism in general, the sense that I get from talking to people is that terrorists would be “scared to mess with us” if Thompson were president.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry, but it is. People who willingly go to their deaths to blow up buildings and kill Americans have aren’t afraid of somebody just because they are almost seven feet tall and have a deep booming voice. They are cruel, they are vicious, but the truth is 09/11 terrorists fear nothing.

Thompson has also stated that we are “not spending enough” on the United States military.

For me, that ends it.

“Not spending enough” shouldn’t be in the vocabulary of any conservative candidate, whether it be in reference to domestic or military spending. For too long, Republicans have held a double-standard; government funded health and entitlements are “waste.” But money pumped into the pentagon has been viewed as sacrosanct. This is nonsense.
I The government spends an insane amount of money, military included. The idea that we should “spend more” on anything is pure insanity.

On illegal immigration, he’s emphasized border security, while stating that he doesn’t think that most American’s are worried about the 12 million that are already here. One could translate that as “I’ll give amnesty to the 12 million who are here, and I’ll “work on” border security. “I’ll work on it” is Washington talk for “I won’t do a damn thing.”

So I will warn you in advance: Thompson is not conservative. If you choose to cast your lot with him because he is comparatively better than Hillary or Al Gore, that’s your business. But don’t pretend that he’s something that he isn’t.

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