Being Real Republicans

March 27, 2011

How is being a Republican best defined? Is it fair to generically attach Republicanism and Conservatism?

I consider myself a Republican and a Conservative that is closer to the Center than the Right; naturally, the Tea Party(s) would have me burned at the stake. I do not think that associating Republicanism with Radicalism accomplishes anything, much to the contrary of Michelle Bachmann’s points of view. We Establishment Republicans have to learn to accept the Tea Party(s) for what it truly is: a Rebellion intent on eliminating all Moderation from Republican personnel, and furthermore the elimination of all who feel different than they do in political and social ideology. It’s not that we the Establishment feel so much more different than the Tea Party(s) does in our political stance; we simply understand that not all Americans feel as we do, and that those people are just as entitled to be elected and press their points-of-view and policies as we do. I believe that there is certain platforms that all true Republicans should stand on, of which I care to outline in the following passages:

Social Conservatism: This is the broadest Platform, as ‘Social Conservatism’ is a phrase that may include so many different topics. Fact is, our nation was established on the principle that ‘Majority Rules, Minority Protected’. Therefore, Social Conservatism should entail the return of Christian morality and moral influence in society, from public acknowledgment of the dominant faith ranging anywhere from a broader acceptance to “Merry Christmas” to the reintroduction of voluntary prayer in the classroom. However, the truest theme of America is that of Social Tolerance; and where I do not believe in political correction, I think that everyone should make a careful point of expressing their religious or ethnic traditions without doing so at the expense of minorities. I am not ashamed to say that I think February being a month designated to a specific Race is blatant Racism in itself, and I feel that there is a dozen more Americans more deserving of their own Federal Holiday than Martin Luther King, Jr. I think the return of practicality to society and the abolishment of double standards such as the necessity to refer to minorities as “[Insert Here]-American” will do wonders to eliminate ethnic tension and segregation by making it clear to all, especially the youth, that no one respectful and responsible ideology or cultural practice is superior to another. Sadly, it is a grim reality that the thuggish, degenerative streetlife and partylife of complete and utter irresponsibility is the one most glorified to the youth of the nation, and is encouraged by many of today’s Rap and Hip-Hop artists. A reaffirmation of common morality and responsibility starts at the dinner table, and from there is the domino effect created to reform and frankly re-civilize our mainstream culture and therefore our country en masse.

State Governments over Federal Government: I am not in any way encouraging a Confederate Republic, but I do think that States Right’s over Federal Authority is a theme that should be reintroduced to our nation. Fact is, America is very diverse in its legal policy and social practices, and the diversity is often separated by State lines; therefore, no one policy fits every State, not by a long-shot. Indeed, do we not hail from the most culturally and socially unique State there is, my fellow Louisianans? I think that true Republican lawmakers should see that loosening D.C.’s legal grip on the 50 States is a fair and efficient alternate method to advance the ideology of “Less Big Government”. As I said, am I calling for a loose Confederacy? Not at all. I am saying that the District of Columbia should respect State Governments as more autonomous than it presently does, and allow the States to Govern and pass unique laws as it sees fit, so long as the laws do not directly violate the Constitution or directly jeopardize the lives of American citizens.

Tax Reform: I just received a paycheck yesterday, and much to my dismay found that one-sixth of my earnings has been taxed off, half of that being the same Social Security that expires a few decades before I get to touch it myself. Am I anti-Social Security? Not at all; on the contrary, I have repeatedly called for its immediate repair. Why is it that so many pay into a promise that won’t be kept because our ruthless lawmakers broke it? Around this time next year I’ll be filing my taxes, that go to our special friends the IRS. I am hard-pressed to find one person that appreciates the rather dastardly practices of the organization; therefore, I readily support the Fair Tax that removes it from the taxing process altogether. The Fair Tax is simple: one flat Sales Tax so that We the People dictate how much we are taxed, and disable the Government from reaching it’s hand into our paychecks that so many of us earn. What about the poor, you say? In the Fair Tax, the lowest percentages of people receive a sufficient Reimbursement to effectively eliminate them from the taxing altogether. It removes the legal vultures that circle over unlucky individuals and families over minute tax-return errors and empowers the people to live within their means through their spending, a starting point for teaching fiscal responsibility in a hands-on manner.

End Outsourcing: The sad truth is, it is so many of us Republicans that push for Outsourcing, supposedly believing it would leave all the finer jobs to our elite society. Unfortunately, with Republican Lawmakers across the country going after Higher Education in budget cuts so many people do not have the documented qualifications to attain these better jobs. What’s more, some people simply aren’t graced with the intelligence or finesse needed in nicer workplaces. Finally, there simply isn’t enough of these laid-back workplaces to ship out so much of our factory-work. Outsourcing hurts this country and must be abolished. Business should do the right thing and leave its jobs here, paying American’s fair wages to create our products at a higher quality than is made in foreign countries; and those Businesses that insist on robbing Americans of employment by heading to China or Taiwan should be taxed per foreign employee so that the money is still circulated back into our Economy. Does this contradict my previous encouragement of a flat ‘Fair Tax’? No, there is a difference between taxing an individual and taxing a Business. Businesses are not living, breathing things and only purchase materials needed for functioning and producing; therefore Business should alone suffer an additional Tax for what is blatant underhandedness in proportion to their crimes against the American workforce.

I am aware that I do not tow the Party line; in fact, many of my opinions are far from being shared by our lawmakers. In that fact itself is the genius and glory of our system: Neither you nor I have to tow a party line. We are free to our own opinions and our own ends, and through Capitalism and Democracy may we all fulfill our ambitions. I simply think that the Republican Party should shift its focus more to the American People versus American Business. I firmly believe that the People alone can spend a way out of an Economic Crisis, but to do so would require strong teachings of fiscal and social responsibility of the kind that is all but lost in today’s mainstream society.


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