Better Than Dylann

June 19, 2015

Crazed psychopath killer Dylann Roof waltzing into a Bible study and shooting 9 people is horrific. There is no denying that simple fact. There is no denying that people like Dylann Roof are nothing short of being guttersnipes. It’s beyond lunacy, it’s simply evil. There isn’t much that isn’t better than Dylann.

dylann-roof-parents-1But nearly as disturbing is that so many take a tragic event such as this and immediately use it for their own purposes. It’s as if you looked closely into their eyes, behind those fake tears they are really overjoyed by such incidences. It’s as if these tragic events put meaning into their own lives. Finally, a tragic event, get out of my way, I have got to let people know how important I am. I must use this event to save the world, I must go tell people what to think. I must use this against my political opponents. I must use this to fill my pockets with new donations from people who are….





After hurricane Katrina, I distinctly remember how I felt. While people in New Orleans suffered, most of America never realized that Baton Rouge was also suffering. Fortunately for us in the Capital city, the impact wasn’t nearly as severe as it was in Nola, but most of the city was without power, our streets we jam packed, and our population more than doubled in size. While we were struggling to cope with our own tragic circumstances, so many people throughout the nation choose to point fingers rather than roll up their sleeves. Republicans were blaming Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin, Blanco and the Democrats chose to blame Bush. For God’s sakes people, it was a natural disaster. Either roll up your sleeves and get to work, or just shut the hell up, for crying out loud.katrina008

If that’s how I felt, I could only imagine how people in Nola felt… or the people in Southwest Mississippi. And if I can at least identify with how they felt, then perhaps I have some clue as to how the people of Charleston, South Carolina feel. While I hopefully will never have to feel like the members of that church feel, I can only imagine what’s going through their minds as so many people use their misery for their own personal gain.

These family members specifically blame Dylan Roof and already move to forgive him, and more over, pray for him, pray for his salvation. While the families resolve this tragic time of their lives, so many others fill webpages, the airwaves, and the print media, with finger pointing, political agendas, and fund raising opportunities to line their pockets.

In fact, let me first criticize the Right, not because I am more angry at them,  but because they need to be. Yes, he was on drugs, yes he was taking a prescription… so? So what? While I agree that people should be aware that so many shooters are on prescription drugs, why does it have to be told right now? Couldn’t it be a little bit later? Couldn’t it be during his trial? Or would that mean your website doesn’t get the hits that you really want?

jeb'And in my opinion, neither Talking Points Memo nor Salon has respect for their readers, much less for the families of the Charleston victims. Jeb Bush is one candidate that I refuse to vote for. I don’t want Jeb Bush in the race, I don’t want Jeb Bush as President, I don’t want him in the debates. But despite my personal feelings towards Jeb Bush, I wouldn’t use somebody’s tragic loss as a means to bash Jeb. Reading the headline at TPM, or Salon, you’d think Jeb Bush was completely clueless, and perhaps TPM was banking on their readers to only read the headlines. As you delve into it a little bit, Jeb clearly is holding off judgment until all the facts were in, something that a hero of TPM (Obama) is supposed to be known for doing. When I read that article, it disgusted me to think some people would use this tragedy to bash somebody with a disingenuous headline.

And Sharpton? He’s heading to Charleston? Well, I certainly hope he’s going there to ensure there’s a lot of peace like when he went to Ferguson and Baltimore. We all know how all those people, white, black, Republican, Democrat, rich, and poor, holding hands, praying can turn into a riot very quickly. Please Mr. Sharpton, we need you to go down there and make this about peace and civil rights, about your opinion. We need you to make it about you. Will you please do that? Would you like me to send you a donation too?

hcrs-arch-duke-assassination-qb90056-20140611And my God, could we please have a President who could at least wait until the victims families are notified before he goes around calling for gun control?

This is a terrible event and unless you’re reporting actual facts, could you at least shut up until the families have a chance to have some closure? Oh, who am I kidding, your opinion is so much more important. How dare I question whether or not these people are more important than the event?

Quick to blame, facts a shame, and you wonder how wars start? If you ask me, they may be better than Dylann Roof… but not a whole lot better.





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