September 30, 2007

I just wanted to provide a little update to disprove the ridiculous notion by some that the Citgo Boycott was an “internet rumor”.

A good while back, I broke the news that Evans Oil would be switching from Citgo to Chevron/Texaco. Even with that very accurate report, some continued with their misinformation.

To get the whole story try these links in order. It is undeniable that Evans yielded to the pressure of the Citgo Boycott.

BOYCOTT CITGO!! Surprising Louisiana Update!!

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez Steals American Property

and for other discussion of the Citgo Boycott you can go to

Kick the Terrorists Out of Louisiana 

For now, I hope you will enjoy, as I do, the very latest news on the Citgo Boycott.
  This is the “new” Chevron station on US Hwy 165 North in Monroe, LA, home of Evans Oil. This is just one of many that has switched with many more being changed daily.


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