Black And White Affair

July 21, 2015


(ˈɜr bən)


1. of, pertaining to, or comprising a city or town.
2. living in a city.
3. characteristic of or accustomed to cities; citified.
[1610–20; < Latin urbānus=urb-, s. of urbs city + -ānus -an1]
11358221_486327938181677_1360762354_nLet’s be honest, the only reason the Black and White Affair was cancelled due to safety concerns was because it was an “Urban” event. Urban, the word used to describe black people. While we’re talking about what is or what isn’t racist in America, shouldn’t we at least discuss using a word that does not describe black people to describe black people? Kind of like “inner-city”, we all know who they are talking about when they use those code words… but I digress.
The real discrimination isn’t in whether you want to hold onto the remnants of history, but rather if you would erase that history while actively committing those same harms today. And while this may seem to be a racial issue, the much bigger issue is beyond race.
Let’s be honest and admit that Mayor Kip Holden isn’t trying to save Boosie’s life, nor does Kip Holden “hate black people”, but Kip Holden is discriminating against black people nonetheless. Had this event not been an “Urban” event, or “inner-city” event, or whatever code word is used to describe black people….

Ah, forget about it, this isn’t about race, let’s be honest, this is about Kip Holden worrying about his

Mayor Kip Holden wearing sunglasses to cover his black eye while testifying at the legislature

Mayor Kip Holden wearing sunglasses to cover his black eye while testifying at the state legislature which ignited Kip Holden’s sexual affairs controversy

political aspirations. Kip Holden wants to be Lt. Governor and he’s worried that this event will turn violent and embarrass him while he makes a run for Lt. Governor. Never mind that TJ Jackson and his company Perfect 10 Productions has held the Black and White Affair event several times previously with little or no incidents. Don’t worry about how much money this will cost TJ Jackson. Let’s not think about how this will effect TJ Jackson’s future endeavors. Do not care how this affects the Black and White Affair brand name. Let’s worry about Kip Holden’s political aspirations and how an “urban” event will effect him. Certainly Kip Holden doesn’t need another black eye…. oops. We could surmise that Kip Holden needed the extra police protection because somebody’s husband was coming home for the weekend, but we won’t do that.

But there’s something more important here than whether the City of Baton Rouge is discriminating against TJ Jackson and Boosie. It could be Eminem or Vanilla Icecream, or Cola Cool. It does not matter if it was black people or white people holding this event. What matters is the city had an agreement and the ripple effect of that cancellation far exceeds the intended value of the contract.
holden+smear+080208Do the attendees get reimbursed for the expenses lost? It’s not just the ticket values, but the cost of their attire for the night which would have been paid ahead of time, or time off from work in some cases if they needed to request the night off. Whatever their additional expenses were, it is completely unfair to them to let their money go to waste.
But where does this stop? If Kip Holden can cancel an event that he doesn’t like as Mayor, does this give other mayors permission to do the same? And if this is how he’s going to act as Mayor, imagine how he will act as Lt. Governor. Would he put pressure on Nola to cancel Essence Fest because he doesn’t want some threat on the life of a performer?
While Boosie and TJ Jackson ought to feel slighted and should take this persoIMG_0028nal and more over should be made whole, the much bigger issue here is the power of government used to shut down certain individuals. If there truly was a threat against Boosie, as the Mayor’s office claims, then they need to be worried about punishing the individual who is making those threats. But to punish all the people who were planning to attend the event and the businesses who lost revenue, is completely unreasonable, irresponsible, and dare I say… negligent. An agreement was made, and the city unjustly breached the contract.
Ultimately however, while Kip Holden was looking out for his own political ambitions and was more than willing to damage TJ Jackson’s ambitions, he may have created more harm to his campaign. Do you really want a Lt. Governor who makes cheap excuses for breaching contracts in order to keep his political ambitions safe?
Or does Kip Holden merely hold onto the Democrat value of keeping poor people poor and dependent on government to provide? Regardless, we wish TJ Jackson continued success with his Black and White Affair and strive towards a One Baton Rouge where a mayor does not target a group of people for his own political purposes.


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