Bloggers Around The Nation Endorse Louisiana Conservative Dot Com

January 10, 2008

The Endorsements of Louisiana Conservative Dot Com keep rolling in, and this time we’d like to thank some of our friends and give them recognition for all of their support.
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“When I first saw Louisiana Conservative, I thought to myself, “Now this is how a blog should be done.” I had to find a way to contribute so I made a header, now the site is perfect!” — Indian Chris, Right Wing Right minded. (Special thank you from Louisiana Conservative Dot Com

“Louisiana Conservative helps me keep my sanity.” — Dr. Pat Santy, Dr. Sanity

“Louisiana Conservative is like a daily read, it should be an hourly read, I just can’t get enough of it” — GM Roper, GM’s Corner

“Those Pachyderms down at Louisiana Conservative are really Tigers in Pachyderms clothing, and every Bama Pachyderm knows just how scary Tigers from Louisiana really are.” — Beth, Myvastrightwingconspiracy

“Louisiana Conservative is a true friend in the battle for liberty. Standing tough on local issues, state issues, and national issues. Soon they will be international men (and woman) of mystery. — Fausta, Fausta’s blog

“What can I say that hasn’t been said? Louisiana Conservative needs to move up to the Northeast and convert those liberals up there.” — Cao, Cao’s blog

“I was glad to move out of Louisiana, but then I read Louisiana Conservative and I’ve never been the same since. What great people down there, especially those guys down at Louisiana Conservative. — Fred, Texas Fred

“I used to think I was wild, but then I read the stuff over at Louisiana Conservative and I think about changing my name to humbled Bill.” — Wild Bill, Passionate America

“All they have down there it Louisiana Conservative is big fat ugly guy, big brains, and a beautiful woman… and that’s what makes it so awesome.” La Shawn Barber, La Shawn Barber’s Corner

“No More Akbar! Those infidels down at Louisiana Conservative encourage me to keep up the fight against terrorist. We can use a few more good people like them boys and that gal down at Louisiana Conservative.” — Robert, Jihad Watch

The above quotes are false quotes and are intended more as “shout outs” to our fellow bloggers around the nation and we would like to encourage our readers to read through those blogs, as they are good reading and unique in their own right.

This post was in no way intended to offend these bloggers, unless of course they become liberals, then please be offended.

GM Roper
GM Roper

Avman, you are such a hoot. Great banner and good post. Thanks for the link my friend. And folks, Avman is absolutely correct, those are terrrific blogs. Especially GM's Corner


What you didn't put me in there. I was robbed. Just kidding. Great blog

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