Blue Shirts Remove Brown Shirts

June 2, 2012

The more I see from Ron Paul supporters, the more I am convinced that it is much better to re-elect President Obama than it is to have Ron Paul as President. Even the most ardent Ozombies never acted like this. What exactly are Ron Paul’s supporters intentions? Why do they feel the need to act like this?

Ron Paul supporter face opposite direction and hold their own convention

He was rejected by the majority of Republican voters, how do you think he’s going to win the Presidency? Their ‘our way or the highway’ approach isn’t a great example of Freedom and Liberty, it’s an example of tyranny and dictatorships. This is what Ron Paul now stands for.

Is this what we can expect from a Ron Paul Presidency? One that does not respect the different views? Is Ron Paul willing to work with congress, or is he going to be like those he leads, forcing his will through congress? Will Ron Paul’s congress look like this?

These childish people need to grow up and realize that politics is the art of the possible, that you have to win the hearts and minds of individuals and build coalitions. There are many of us, and we outnumber the Ron Paul people, who are for Freedom, and for Liberty. WE DON’T ACT LIKE THIS. I’m embarrassed by these people. I’m embarrassed that they feel the need to act like this. I’m embarrassed that these people can not accept the fact that free thinking people come up with their own conclusions.

In this staged event, the police were brought in to remove a very disruptive individual. As you can see from the video, many other individuals were also being very unruly, but despite their rudeness, were not asked to leave. In a private event, as is common knowledge, if the people hosting the event ask an individual to leave, and he refuses to do so, the host can have the police remove them.

It’s no different that having an unwanted guest in your home. If you refuse to leave, the homeowner can call the police and have them physically remove you. If you still don’t go willingly, they will forcibly remove you.

This makes me ashamed to say that I ever supported the Ron Paul movement. What a mistake I made. Hindsight is always 20/20.

To the Republican Party of Louisiana, to Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, John McCain and the rest, and to all of their supporters, I truly am sorry to have ever considered this Ron Paul guy. I will vote for Mitt Romney, and I’ll do it because there is no real alternative out there. I don’t want another four years of Barack Obama, and certainly I do not want this nation being led by Ron Paul and his dysfunctional Brown Shirts.

Added this
A few minutes ago, I posted a response on the video. Within minutes the comment was removed because it got too many negative votes. Seems to me that Ron Paul supporters can’t handle disagreement. They are worse than Left Wing Wackos who can’t handle a debate, so they shut people off, removed them as friends, or flat out block them.

Which of the following quotes resembles Ron Paul supporters more?

“Politics is the art of the possible” — Ben Franklin

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.” Adolph Hitler

Heil Ron Paul.

The following video was taken. As you can see in the above picture, Ron Paul supporters turned their chairs around and had a simultaneous convention of their own. It appears they did not participate in the convention, because they were busy holding their own. This is evidently why the gentleman was removed.

Just in
Despite “winning” the caucus, Ron Paul supporters missed a huge opportunity to send delegates to the National Convention. Ron Paul supporters screwed up. They turned their back on the legitimate LAGOP convention and did not participate. They did not vote, so their votes were never cast. However, they turned their backs on the convention and participated in their own faux convention. They stayed in attendance, giving the LAGOP a quorum to conduct business, even if they were not participating. Wow, stupid. Well, they had control of the convention, but chose to be disruptive and got nothing accomplished. Win for Mitt Romney. How the delegate votes rack up? 10 for Santorum, 5 for Mitt Romney, 30 were elected by the legitimate convention.


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