Bob Hensgens wins !

May 1, 2011

312 Votes.

That was the difference Saturday in a close race between Republican Bob Hensgens and Republican Linda Hardee on a voter turnout just shy of 25% in Vermillion and Cameron Parish.
House seat with the election of Bob Hensgens.
It is the second big win for the Tea Party in Louisiana State political races. Earlier, the Tea Party had helped elect Jonathan Perry to the Louisiana Senate. Now, they have successfully filled Perry’s

It pays to get out and vote.

His opponent, Republican Linda Hardee, was endorsed by the Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE).  The LAE had this to say about Hardee in their endorsement statement issued on April 26, 2011 by Ashley Davis (

BATON ROUGE, LA – April 26, 2011 – The Louisiana Association of Educators endorses Linda Hardee for the State Representative District 47 seat. Hardee served as Kaplan city councilman-at-large in 2002-2006 and as mayor in 2006-2010. Her administration was best known for its progressive, forward-thinking projects and ideas, and for her fiscally responsible handling of the city budget…

Progressive ideas?  It does not sound like Hardee is a Conservative.

Furthermore, according to the Tea Party of Louisiana, she was also a Democrat until just 4 days after Jonathan Perry announced that he was running for Senate.  The Tea Party of Louisiana endorsed Bob Hensgens on April 20, 2011.

“The Tea Party of Louisiana is proud to endorse Bob Hensgens,” Tea Party of Louisiana Spokesman Bob Reid said. “Bob Hensgens has already demonstrated his adherence to fiscal conservatism by balancing the budget of Gueydan without raising taxes,” added Reid. “We need more strong conservative leaders, like Mayor Hensgens, in our State Capitol to balance the Louisiana budget by helping make spending cuts,” said Reid.

The Tea Party of Louisiana chose to endorse Hensgens because he was able to balance the budget of Gueydan by cutting spending, rather than raising taxes. In fact, he even cut his own salary to give the police officers a much deserved pay raise. As a State Representative, Hensgens has also pledged to fight the so-called “Cigarette Tax”, that will be proposed by typical “Tax-to-Spend” Democrats in this upcoming session, to balance the budget.”

JMC Enterprises, WinWithJMC,analyzed the election results.  To read their detailed analysis click here.


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