September 16, 2007

For Bobby Jindal to have the best chance at reforming our state government, after he is sworn into the Governor’s office, we need to send him like-minded Senators like Mike Walsworth to help gain control of the Senate. This is going to be a very significant factor in doing away with the Stelly Tax, completing long overdue highway projects (LA Hwy 15 comes to mind for me), and cutting taxes on business, that might give some folks in Bastrop a decent night’s sleep not worrying about International Paper being closed. If we do not want to worry about school structures, literally in “falling down” condition, injuring our students, like we have in Farmerville, and if you want the plumbing to actually work in your Homer High School sports center, then we need to do something different.
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This state is in decline with outward migration. Improving our situation will require action by Baton Rouge, both the Governor AND the Legislature, but it will first require the voters to realize that what we have been doing for decades HAS NOT, and IS NOT working. We need change more now than we ever have in my life because if we go down much further, we may create a much worse slide that will be even harder to overcome.

NorthEast Louisiana has been neglected in the worst of ways. Luckily, ONE of those responsible is a “ward” of the state, but unfortunately, some of Edwin “Fast Eddie” Edwards’ closest allies are still in the Legislature and now running for the Senate. Two in particular are Francis Thompson and John Alario. No one has been in the Legislature longer than these two men. I can understand how Alario gets reelected because, as part of the Edwards Machine with 33 years of seniority, Alario is an extremely powerful person in this state. He has been very successful in acquiring the lion’s share of most state expenditures for south LA, while outrageously neglecting NELA. I doubt many people in the NOLA area have lost much sleep about it either. Thank God for term limits!!However, how Francis Thompson’s constituency could even consider rewarding him for the “last place” job he has cultured for OVER THIRTY YEARS is something I cannot understand. If the military was this successful, we would all certainly be speaking German.

NELA has the worst roads in the state with the fewest and oldest bridges. These roads are taking our children to public schools that are physically in the worst of conditions and housing a disproportionate amount of the worst school systems in the state, providing a substandard education to our students. These students’ parents fear for their jobs and with a declining economic base, they have no reason to believe their children will be living in this state much longer past high school, IF they actually graduate.

Instead of working to fix our roads and bridges, Francis Thompson built himself a lake at taxpayer expense. Instead of rebuilding our schools, he is raising the property value of his lakefront properties by building a golf course at taxpayer expense. Instead of working to save local businesses and established jobs, Francis Thompson had the state hire his brother to oversee their lake and even managed to get him additional salaries to repeat the boondoggle process all across the state, all at taxpayer expense. Now Francis Thompson’s brother Mike has been criminally indicted for mismanaging those state projects and faces several years in prison. How could a thinking man not be suspicious about others being involved? Considering the likelihood of these men getting elected, God help us, maintaining Senate District 33 as a Republican district has become very important. People in NELA and across this state need to realize that if you want things to get better in this state, change has to start with the individual.

If you already understand that what we have been doing for the last thirty years is not working and that WE ARE IN DECLINE, then you need to educate your neighbors, who don’t understand, and convince them how important it is for them to vote.

I strongly recommend voting during the absentee balloting. Please, don’t give excuses, give your vote instead.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
Edmund Burke


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