Boo – Hoo – Bobby

June 27, 2008

I’m still in awe and amazement at our newly minted Governor Bobby Jindal. A couple of weeks back I heard Governor Bobby Jindal speaking on the Glenn Beck radio show and his glorious voice sang a tune of the most beautiful conservatism that I think I have ever heard. It mesmerized me. Here was an elected Republican that I could point to and say “Yes! We finally have a conservative leading the way.”

It’s been a long time since Ronald Reagan, too long for a conservative like me. We weren’t excited about Bush Sr. but he wasn’t a terrible President either. Junior hasn’t been the best of Presidents but he most certainly was a better option than his other two opponents, and my gut tells me that the next four years is going to leave most Americans yearning for Bush to be back in the Whitehouse.

That day that I listened to Bobby Jindal explaining conservatism, I could feel the fire, the passion, the understanding, and knowledge of liberty and individual freedoms. It was exciting, we finally had a real candidate for 2012. A candidate who would lead conservatives to the promised land. Most of all, he was right here in this state. Last month, we all had a diamond in our hands.

But my oh my how things change. First he promised to veto any legislator payraises that went into effect before the next election, but once Governor, he started singing a whole different tune saying that he won’t veto the pay raises that take effect next month. The people rose up and demanded that the legislators kill the payraise, and after their refusal to do so turned to Bobby Jindal and told him to veto it. His reponse? “I won’t give the legislators reason to stand in the way of reforms.”

Even after Representative John LaBruzzo and Speaker of the House agreed that Jindal should veto it. Come to think of it, pretty much the entire state wants Jindal to veto this, Jindal still refuses using the legislators as an excuse as Jindal still doesn’t want to give them a reason to stop Louisiana’s progress.

What Jindal doesn’t realize is that his reforms that’s sitting on his desk ready to be shipped to the legislators is being killed very quickly, slightly more rapidly than his own political career.

I sit in awe and amazement of Bobby Jindal today because while LaBruzzo and Tucker are pretty much telling Jindal to veto the payraise, Jindal’s sitting off in lala land oblivious to the concept that employees don’t have a right to give their selves a pay raise without their employers permission. That’s call embezzlement in the private secotr.

Perhaps it was the $70,000 pay raise that one of Jindal’s staff members received through the generosity of the state legislature that Bobby Jindal feels obliged to the legislators. Yes, you read that right, an increase of $70,000 – not an increase to $70,000.

I suppose another possibility is that Bobby Jindal watched Harold and Kumar go to White castle and he’s thinking Bobby Jindal goes to the White Castle down at the state capitol. Maybe Timmy Teeple is serving as Bobby Jindal’s gatekeeper, allowing only out of state and national media access to the Governor. Maybe Timmy Teeple is the real guy behind Governor Jindal, after all, he was the guy who sought out Ann Duplessis and gave her a big hug after the passage of her pay raise bill.

I heard Jindal on the Glenn Beck show today and I also heard that he was giving face time to other national media outlets today. He was talking about the evil ruling on the death penalty from the Supreme Court and he was telling us how bad it was… but while Bobby was boo hooing the ruling, I kept thinking “So what, who cares what Bobby thinks?”, isn’t Timmy Teeple the real guy anybody needs to talk to to get anything done? Jindal’s the spokesman for this group, but it must be Timmy who runs things.

If you want this pay raise legislation vetoed, call Timmy Teeple, Bobby’s too busy with the national media to worry about what you, the Louisiana citizenry, thinks.

The odd thing is, while Bobby is pointing to the legislature and saying he doesn’t want to give them any reason to stop the progress, Jindal’s assassinating his own career and putting the brakes on his supposed goals. He’s got his eyes on the Whitehouse, that is self evident. What is equally self evident is that he’s quickly ending his own political career.

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i. b. freeman
i. b. freeman

I wish the Louisiana Conservative would enumerate the conservative reforms Mr. Jindal has supposedly accomplished. He has fought tax cuts, spent all our surplus, supported the largest budget from state sources in history and spent all our projected income. Most people agree that his ethics reforms are unenforceable because of wording his floor people ejected into the bills. So it is a great reach to call Bobby Jindal anything conservative from a fiscal point of view. I am amazed how conservatives can imply that he is letting his great reform session be over shadowed by this pay raise fiasco. There is no reform to hide.

Charlie Buras
Charlie Buras

What amazes me is the way in which national GOP bloggers and others have turned a blind eye to Jindal and what he's doing right now. Their argument seems to be - "so what if he broke a campaign pledge and is letting the legislature run wild, he's doing good things what more do you want?" As Repubs are we so desperate for a true conservative leader that we're willing to pull the wool over our eyes? I know I'm not.

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