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January 20, 2010

So it is done, Martha Coakley got teabagged. So did Obama for the third time in the past three months, as did Keith Olberman, and quite a few other liberals. Tomorrow morning, they will wake up with sore eyes… from crying, of course. Boo… Fricken… Yah! But… there is still much work to be done. Scott Brown is by no means a conservative, and there are several issues where he is still going to go along with the Democratic teabagged party, but he did run on a campaign to be the Republican’s 41st vote needed to stop the selfish people who only wanted to take from and to force other people to give.

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Let’s face it, there was a lot of selfishness inside the Democrat party that aided in Martha Coakley’s defeat. Yes, Coakley was a bad candidate. I simply can’t say that enough because part of me wants the Democratic party to believe that, part of me wants the teabagged to continue down an extreme left wing path. So, yes, I will gladly admit that it wasn’t Obama’s policies that turned even Democrats in a very Democrat state to the Republican party. I will gladly admit that Senator Mary Landrieu is not to blame in the least bit for her power grab despite the wishes of her constituents. I will gladly admit that it had nothing to do with the Nebraska Senator who wanted us to pay for their medicare in its entirity. It had nothing to do with them, so if you’re a Democrat, quit reading now. You’re absolutely right, we teabaggers are just a bunch of kooks that doesn’t look anything like America… Stop… reading… now.

Okay, for the rest of you, we don’t look like America… except the part that actually votes. Democrats have made several mistakes, including Senator wannabe Charlie Melancon who casted his vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi leading the Democrats in congress… hindsight is 20/20 and how smart was that vote? Charlie Melancon, who was so out of touch with his own district only a few short hours after he boarded the plane to D.C., that he thought Nancy Pelosi (a San Fran liberal) a more suitable representative of the Democrat party than a more center representative. I get a feeling that Charlie Melancon is going to wake up with sore eyes one day in November as well.

Nancy Pelosi was a bad representative and is a strong indicator of Charlie Melancon’s judgement, but he hasn’t contributed nearly as much to the demise of the teabagged party as Mary “punch em in the mouth” Landrieu. How many Senators made more national news than Landrieu? And she did it in such a way to harm the Teabagged party. Mary Landrieu held out against her constituents, she brought 4 members of Obama’s cabinet to Reserve, La, only to have them greeted with open denounciation of Obama’s policies, embarrassing the president and making national news. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for that one Mary. Then Senator Mary Landrieu sends a message to the other teabagged Senators that they weren’t being selfish enough, and openly bragged that it took 300 million to by her vote. Martha Coakley ought to personally thank Senator Mary Landrieu for putting to first hole in the Coakley’s election hopes. I wonder what Mary has planned for an encore, demanding 550 million in unemployment benefits in exchange of shutting down Louisiana’s oil industry? She’s obviously somebody Obama wants to help him get his agenda passed. Yeah, right… but if you’re a Democrat and you’ve gotten this far… don’t listen to me, stop reading, and drink the Obama Landrieu kool-aid, it’s totally delicious. Hey, at least her brother Mitch is going to get to be New Orleans mayor, nice exchange for health care. Mitch gets to be mayor of New Orleans, Obama gets Scott Brown. Thanks Mary.

Yes, there were things that the Democrats did nationally. We’ve mentioned the Senator from Nebraska, but we didn’t mention hiding behind closed doors, trying to ram through health care. Not only that, Obama swings up to Massachussetts during the NFL playoffs. Who in the United States makes a campaign stop during the NFL playoffs? I’d rather find out that Obama was choking on a pretzel while watching the football game, than know he was campaigning during the NFL playoffs. Who in Boston wasn’t cheering for the Chargers? I guess that’s why Coakley thinks Schilling is a Yankees fan, they simply aren’t sports fans. I can only hope the Bruins make that Stanley cup finals and Barack Obama interrupts game seven with an important message to Massachussets on behalf on Barney Frank and John Kerry. Talk about New England blashpemy.

Yes, there are a lot of things to talk about, but let’s talk about what we haven’t talked about and that is what we on the Right have failed to do.

We have failed to get a conservative candidate elected. — Of course Scott Brown is a huge step up from Ted Kennedy, but then again, anybody sober already has more on Ted Kennedy. Scott Brown pulled off an unlikely upset, it was a huge victory for the nation, and for freedom lovers all over the world. It stops Obama cold in his tracks, but we still have people like Olympia Snowe to deal with and the Democrats will be slobbering over her as if she were still a sexy thing in her mid-twenties. Washington D.C. needs conservative people, and though Scott Brown is a move in the right direction, do we really want to replace the Democrats in Washington with more people that are moderate/left? I hope he’s more conservative than I expect.

We have failed to adequately convince enough people that our solutions are better and that they need to trust in people over the government — People naturally have a distrust of bigger government, and why shouldn’t they? How many thousands were killed at the hands of the Nazis? The Communist? And yes, even at the hands of the United States government, not that I’m trying to bad mouth the U.S. Government. That’s not even to say I’d class our government in the same manner as blood thirsty tyrants like Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro. It’s just that governments have historically slaughtered far more people than corporations ever have. People instinctively want government to stay out of their lives. This isn’t a Republican-Democrat thing, this is a people thing. Democrats ran around the nation in 2008 talking about how Republicans are for too much government, and that government should be more transparent, less intrusive into our lives, spend less money, and stay out of our budgets. Of course after getting elected, well, you be the judge.

We have failed to reach out to people who disagree with us — after seeing how the Democrats operate, many people are willing to listen to us on many issues. They agree with us an many other issues, and after seeing how the Democrats in action, are also falling disenchanted with the teabagged Democratic party. Now, more than ever, they are willing to listen to us on many other issues, and though they won’t agree with everything, we must be able to show that we are willing to do that which the Democrats are absolutely unwilling to do. That is to put aside our petty differences to work together for a mutual cause. The Democrats may be in lala-land now, but they won’t be forever. We need to capitalize on it while we are energized, Obama’s off bowing, and Landrieu’s got her hand in the cookie jar. We have to be able to articulate our message better, and we have to do it with people who disagree with us. We can win people over, we just have to go win them over. In fact, there are many people who agree with us that less government, and less taxes is the correct answer to what ails the nation. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, people of different races, backgrounds, religions, but they simply don’t believe us because we don’t stand on it when our guys get elected. I couldn’t possibly count the number of Democrats that I have met who would much rather government get out of their lives than have government solve their problems. We have to be able to articulate, and we have to prove ourselves.

It’s not over yet, the battle has just begun, but the weight of this battle needs to be on your back too. You can no longer afford to sit back and criticize those of us who have toed the line for our cause. You must continue to step up to the plate. You must, or we lose.


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