BOYCOTT CITGO!! Surprising Louisiana Update!!

February 26, 2007

Have you seen those new commercials by Citgo Oil claiming how generous our resident enemy is towards the poor in the U.S. and trying to convince the public that Hugo Chavez really is a “good guy“?

It is more than obvious that Hugo Chavez is beginning to feel the pain from an obviously successful campaign to effect the profits of the despot.

Avman and I have been quite outspoken about the Venezuelan terrorist operating on Louisiana soil. Recent thefts through nationalizing American interests in Venezuela have compounded the backlash Hugo felt when he called President Bush “Diablo”, the Devil, while complaining about the smell of sulphur at the U.N. podium.

Making matters even worse for Chavez has been his outspoken alliance with “Momma Imainajihad” the Prez of Iran. This alliance has made the juggling act being performed by Saudi Arabia a bit more difficult and has caused fits with world oil prices, especially with Iran’s latest act of defiance concerning their endeavor to possess nuclear weapons (so Iran can destroy Israel and the U.S.). With these latest commercials, it would seem clear that Chavez has hired a publicist, but he maybe too late to do any good in Louisiana.

I just had a conversation with an “oil bidness” insider that would indicate Hugo Chavez’s big mouth and thieving fingers have pushed the largest distributor in Louisiana to drop the Citgo label. Only rumors now, but from an excellent and most reliable source, Evans Oil Company is about to become a Chevron/Texaco distributor.

This will probably scare the hell out of the apologists in Lake Charles more concerned about their jobs than the security of our country or the interests of American oil companies. Their fears are totally unfounded, as that refinery in Lake Charles will never miss a lick, no matter who owns it. I have repeatedly called for “treatment in kind” for Chavez by nationalizing the Citgo refinery in Lake Charles to offset the theft that is taking place today of American property in Venezuela.

Welcome aboard the boycott, Bennie. It is certainly past time for you to step-up and support your country. We will all look forward to seeing all those Citgo signs disappear.





Citgo Boycotter
Citgo Boycotter

I stuck a fork in bush long ago. This is great news! I am going to research it more and try to get some official release on it. Also, starting a newsletter over at the Headquarters. Look for it on the home page very soon.


I wish President Bush has some ball's . If i was president, I would seize all venezulain assets , place embrago on venezula and re call our ambassadore .. Come BUSH show some BALL's !!

Amy P
Amy P

Well, that's fantastic. I've been boycotting Citgo since I got wise to Chavez about a year ago. I refuse to subsidize anti-Americanism. Of course the argument is that this will hurt American workers, and be that as it may, it simply isn't a good enough reason. Once Americans are hit in the wallet they take something seriously. I remember Texas Fred really started the whole internet campaign. It's a good one.


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