Bring On The Recalls!

May 30, 2012

I have to admit, I have this bipolar problem with the Liberal Democrats. I mean every last one of them, from Barack Obama, down to the peeon’s like Lamar White. Oh, please don’t tell Lamar how insignificant he is. He might start attacking somebody to prove his importance. Yes, I’m making fun of him for getting into a sissy fight with Scott. I wish the two of them would just act like men and go out in the back alley and settle their differences like they had a pair…um, of glasses, but I digress. I better stop before one of them slap me with a “blog post”. Ooooooh. Still digressing

You see, whether it’s some guy who isn’t capable of defending himself physically but doesn’t know he shouldn’t act like he’s Mike Tyson when he’s behind the computer, or the increasingly delusional President, I’m caught between my love of country and my love/hate relationship with the Republican party. My party has its share of problems from the national level down to the local level. I don’t like members of my party such Lindsey Graham and John McCain, they seem to be more Democrat than Republican. At the state level Clay Schexnayder talks like Forrest Gump and let’s be honest, some of our “Republicans” only became Republican to save their own political careers. We have our differences on our side of the aisle, and left out on our own island, we could possibly rip each other to shreds.

Despite all of our differences, we still have much in common, such as the belief that lower taxes actually leads to a stronger economy and more tax revenue. Or that giving government too much control will always eventually lead to tyranny. So while I am by no means a fan of big government Republicans, I tolerate them and will stand with them when we have common interest. When we don’t, we’ll disagree and go to our opposing sides, and be friends again when our interests meet back up.

Nothing seems to unite the people on the Right like the extreme radicalism of the Left on full display. Barack Obama has increased the national debt more in 36 months than George Bush could rack up in 8 years, and somehow he insists that he’s slowed spending or some wacky claim. He insults our allies, but goes out of his way to comfort our enemies. He’s given us Republicans a lot of reason to put aside our differences and unite and dare I say rally around each other.

It’s not enough for Barack Obama to push his big government agenda off onto everybody’s lives, but then we’ve got to deal with Ozombies who protest Wall street over big government policies by demanding bigger government. Not enough? Why stop at offending Republicans when you can offend Democrats and Independents too? Declare that their family members who happen to be Republican are launching a “war” on women, minorities, the poor, the middle class, and at the same time continue to allow those very people to suffer and become dependent on government to provide for them.

If Democrats don’t believe they have done enough, then blame George Bush, the Republicans, the banks, the auto industry, Wall Street, the sun, the moon, the grass. Whatever you do, don’t blame the failed policies of Barack Obama.

If that’s not enough failure, then try recalling Scott Walker, and when that fails, double down on a Governor who is even more popular. That’s right, recall Bobby Jindal! And do you know why Liberal Democrats are going to try to do this, even after all that other stuff fails? Because they are intelligent. They are the most intelligent people on the planet. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

You see, I’m bipolar when it comes to Democrats. As an American, I really despise what they’re doing to my country. I see that they are now the party of misery, that as long as you’re miserable, they’ll help you. If you’re not miserable, then they’ll help you become miserable to. They want as many people in poverty as possible so that they will be dependent on government. If they become dependent on government, they’ll be easier to control. I despise that party because they do not want people to be independent. They can’t stand the American dream because the American dream isn’t about owning a home, with two children. The American Dream is about finding what one can be, what one can accomplish. The American Dream is about overcoming the odds and conquering. Killing people’s dreams will accomplish that goal of making Americans dependent on the Democrat party, and for that, I despise them.

But Americans are about independence. Americans are about finding out what they can achieve. Americans are about finding out just how successful they can be because of their hard work, intelligence, and talent. I believe those Americans will resist. They resisted in 2010, they’ll resist in Wisconsin, they will resist in November.

As an American, I ask you Leftist, don’t go forward with your recalls in Louisiana. As a Republican, I beg you, please go forward with your “Recalls”. Please keep up the great work you’re doing on our behalf. Please, give us your all, we could use a few extra victories. Thank you in advance for failing again.


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