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April 15, 2014

Have you been to a grocery store lately and feel like you’re getting gouged? Have you seen the price of chicken, pork, and beef? You would think our government would be concerned with the impact of rising food prices on families budgets. Not that I want our government to give special treatment to cattle ranchers, but certainly now is not an appropriate time to discourage cattle ranchers. So next time you’re grocery shopping and you’re shocked at the high prices of beef, perhaps you should stop and think about a few things. First ask yourself how these rising prices are affecting you personally. Then, ask yourself, if these rising prices are affecting you, how is it affecting people you know? How is it affecting your employer? How about your co-workers? How about the people you know that make less money than you? Then ask yourself, is this worth saving turtles?BundyRanch7

But regardless of your answer to the last question, dig a little deeper. It will be worth it since, after all, you’re digging a lot deeper into your pocket to feed yourself and your family. How deep does the Bundy Ranch fiasco affect you? At first glance, you might think very little. I beg to differ.

There’s a little organization called the BLM -Bureau of Land Management who apparently was concerned about the well being of turtles. Apparently cows and turtles can’t co-exist and cows step on turtles. Then it turns out the Cliven Bundy didn’t pay the Federal Government fines for grazing on land that is owned by the state government. The point of contention by Cliven Bundy is that he’s grazing on Nevada state land, not on property owned by the Federal government. His point of contention is that he pays the State of Nevada, not the Federal Government.

Then there’s the other side of this stand off. Not the Federal Government’s position, nor Cliven Bundy’s position. News broke that Rory Reid has been working with some Chinese investors to build a solar farm right there in Nevada… right where Cliven Bundy’s ranch sits. If you don’t know who Rory Reid is, he’s a fortunate son. His big daddy happens to be a very powerful Senator up in Washington named Harry Reid. Rory Reid isn’t your typical spoiled son of a Senator who thinks he has a right to the world. His daddy is so powerful, Mary Landrieu sucks up to him. We’ll get back to Mary Landrieu in a minute.

Within hours after the story broke concerning Rory Reid’s dealing’s with Chinese investors intent on having that land for their solar farm, the BLM pulled out. Maybe the BLM was concerned that all that building solar panels might cause more turtles to die. Or perhaps the BLM is concerned that turtles will die if they get too much shade from the Solar panels. But I think, and maybe it’s just me, that somebody pulled the plug on BLM’s stand off because some truth came out.

I’m guessing that Rory Reid threatened his daddy like a spoiled brat would.’Daddy, if I don’t get that land, I’m not coming home for Christmas”. Whatever happened there, I don’t know, but Senator Reid has finally opened up and taken a firm stand against Cliven Bundy. “It’s not over

Now here’s where Mary Landrieu comes in, or pretty much the rest of the Democrat Senators. It’s one thing for David Vitter to stand up for Louisiana’s energy industry, his constituents that are paying higher food prices, and Louisianians who should be concerned with property Rights. Harry Reid still doesn’t represent David Vitter. Mitch McConnel does. But Harry Reid is the leader of Mary Landrieu’s party in the Senate. Senator Vitter can decry Reid all he wants, but in the end, Harry Reid leads the Democrats.

This is Mary Landrieu’s opportunity, and perhaps her last opportunity, to put her Louisiana constituents above Harry Reid. This is Mary Landrieu’s opportunity to stand up and say that she enjoys representing Louisiana. This is her opportunity to stand up and say, “Senator Reid, the people of Louisiana are hurting because of rising food prices, we ought not be hurting cattle farmers,”. This is her opportunity to stand up and say “Senator Reid, I object to you using your power as a Senator to hurt Louisiana’s citizens, using government to aid competitors of Louisiana’s energy businesses”. This is Senator Landrieu’s opportunity to say “I call on Senator Reid¬† and the BLM to either cease and desist”. And if he does not, to call on Senator Reid to step down as Senate Majority Leader.

But ask yourself this, is Mary Landrieu looking out for your best interests? Or is she looking out for Harry Reid’s best interests? Maybe we should call our Senator and tell her, Bundy is all of us.

This article was written by Jeff Blanco


You didn't mention just one of the reasons why beef prices are rising. ! Our cattle and even some of our ranchers are being transferred to CHINA to clear land , set up cattle ranches on some of China's vast thick agriculture rich land. ! Yes you heard me right. ! Our ranchers are forced to sell there cattle , move there and try to set up a beef industry. Why might you ask that ? Well to eventually provide beef to the us ! At cheaper prices !!! This is the work of both party's !!! Just like Chinese crawfish ! The Chinese over there don't eat a whole lot of beef over there ! Our government is promoting industry. Promoting agriculture , and now promoting a beef industry ! So don't let either side off !

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