Can She Get A Hug?

January 7, 2008

Poor Hillary Clinton…
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You know, I’m going to take the liberal approach to solving Hillary Clinton’s problems, not because I think it will do any good, but to make the conservative point. You see, what Hillary Clinton REALLY needs is a hug. She needs people to tell her that it’s okay because she really tried. In fact, we can set up a personal hot line just for Hillary Clinton, you know, like the hot line we have set up for victims of hurricane Katrina to help them feel better. The most important thing here for all of us to remember isn’t whether Hillary Clinton wins or loses, but that her self esteem is intact. She is after all, a strong and able woman, let’s not risk all that because her self esteem. I am begging every Democrat I know to do the right thing and vote for Hillary Clinton, what a wonderful gift you’d give the Republican party.

Some of you might be wondering what I am talking about, so let’s step back a little bit and review. Last week, Hillary Clinton suffered a major blow to her campaign. It wasn’t that it was a major defeat because Iowa was such an important state, or that a person can’t over come the delegate count of Iowa. They can, or at least her husband did back in 1992. But the Democrat party has been transformed into a leaderless mob, just moving in whatever direction the rest of the mob is, with absolutely no real direction. It’s a severe case of the blind leading the blind.

So once Hillary Clinton lost Iowa, a large percentage of her followers in New Hampshire realized that they were going against the mob, and quickly jumped into lockstep with the rest of the herd. Hillary Clinton is a victim of the propaganda machine she helped create in the 90’s, a machine that just does what their told.

The realization that her dream of becoming President that dates back to at least 1992 is quickly eroding through her finger tips and she’s losing her composure quicker than Al Gore could grow his beard and go all crazy mountain man on us. She lost her composure during the last Democrat debate, getting angry at Edwards and Obama. Actually I had a different take on Hillary’s reaction – for the first time that I can remember, Hillary Clinton actually looked like she had passion about what she believed. For the first time, I could actually believe Hillary Clinton was speaking from the heart, even if she was still wrong about the issue.

For Hillary Clinton, it was too late. The mob had already took their marching orders, Obama is the guy to get behind now and Hillary’s campaign is falling apart at the seems. The machine the Clinton’s used to chew up and spit out so many people before, are now turned against Hillary. That passion she showed was portrayed as anger, as a shrill and nagging wife. What should have been one of Hillary Clinton’s finest moments in her political career instead has men everywhere wincing at the thought of her becoming President.

Hillary’s campaign continues to unravel as the media, many women included, have pulled out the long knives and twisted the blades after they stuck it in her back. But this once great savior, this strong intellectual woman refuses to go down without a fight, pulling out the old page from the Democrat play book, to play on people’s sympathies. Less than 12 hours later, she’s already regretted it. Hillary, in near tears, pleaded with the voters not to end her dream of becoming President, to help her continue the progress which she fought so hard for. Instead, she came off as a old desperate woman who treated men as trash, taking on married men, and then crying she’s still single. She deserved it, and the people knew it.

If Hillary’s shrillness wasn’t enough to chase every Louisiana voter away from her, reminding them of Kathleen Blanco surely will. Her emotional response was so weak that even John Edwards took a shot at her saying…

“I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business.”

You know it’s pretty bad for this once thought of strong woman when you’re attacked by a man who can only be described as a five letter word that usually precedes the word ‘cat’, as being too weak to be President. Hillary’s only hope of becoming President now depends on my of her supporters to pray to God for a miracle, and to get them to do that would in itself be a miracle. It’s a dangerous world out there, and liberals have made the argument that the whole world hates us, do we really want a weak leader in a dangerous world that hates us? Certainly Edwards or Obama can easily run an ad against Hillary suggesting that she’s so weak, our enemies would have the utmost confidence to attack us constantly.

The dismantling of Hillary Clinton is painful to watch, even for this Republican. Like a bad episode of Jerry Springer, I can’t help but to watch, and I’m even smiling a bit.

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