Caroline, Why Do You Hate Me?

March 30, 2011

Carolina Fayard, once a candidate for Lt. Governor, has stated that she “hates Republicans” and then would not back off the statement. Hate. Such a strong word to stand on. A word I don’t like to use. I don’t “Hate” Democrats. I don’t like Democrats, but I don’t “Hate” Democrats. Well more specifically, I don’t like white Liberal Democrats. Their so smug, condescending. White Liberal Democrats have a tendency to think they know what’s good for everybody else and believe that through government they can force us to live the perfect lifestyle. I don’t “hate” liberals because I understand that they are still doing what they think is good, if even they miss out on the very concept that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I never really told the story about why I switched to the Republican party. You see, I was raised to be a Democrat. Everybody in my neighborhood was a Democrat. In fact, I did not even know a Republican until after I was old enough to vote. My first election, I registered independent. I voted straight ticket Democrat, but the next election, I voted Republican. I have voted Republican ever since.

You see, while I was registered “Independent”, I really meant to say that I was a Democrat but I think. No, I wasn’t thinking at the time, I wasn’t informed at the time. I just registered “Independent” because it “sounded better”. Like many Democrats are still today, I was conservative in many respects and I just believed that whatever I was for, Republicans were against. Something changed that made me take a second look at the Republican party.

While Caroline Fayard is out there promoting hatred against Republicans, there are other people promoting hatred against other groups. You have the Jew haters, which you can spot when they say words like “Neo cons” and “Zionist”. One is a Republican (Neocon), the other is a Democrat (Zionist) and they both support Israel. Then you have the racist types who hate based on a color of skin. I happened to be sitting at a table with a couple of racist Democrats who were trying to encourage me to hate people simply because they were “white”. The white man is going to keep me down. I don’t have a chance at success, I should accept my circumstances and realize that I should always be poor because “white people” will hold me back.

I rejected this notion at the time. Did I believe that some white people will not give me opportunities? Yes. I did believe that some white people were going to keep me down. I also believed that there would be plenty of white people that would give me an opportunity. In fact the people who were doing the most harm to minorities wasn’t white people, it was the people sitting right in front of me. It is Minorities who often do the most harm to their communities, trying to convince them to never even try so they might not find out what they can accomplish.

While I stated that I disagreed with their notion, that certainly not “all white people are bad”, just as not “all black people”, just as not “all Latinos”, they took offense and began to insult me. As one of the guys put it, I was filled with “Roman Republican brain washing”. Before I even had a chance to respond, the other guy stood up and yelled at me “You’re a Republican? How would you like it if you died because you got kicked in the head by a jackass?”

Now first of all, considering my size and his size, I must commend his courage. Brave. Stupid, but brave.

More importantly for me, I went down the next day and registered Republican. You see, while many Democrats remain Democrat because they feel too intimidated to switch, I am not one of those. I will not be intimidated, I will not be forced to think a certain way. I am what you call a “free man”, and like my opinions or not, they are mine, and mine alone. I am now a Republican, but the Republicans just are lucky enough to be the party I agree the most with.

Caroline Fayard is free to hate me. She can hate me for being brown if she wants too. She can hate me for being Republican if she wants. It doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s not trying to hurt me. In fact, I encourage the Democrat party to stand by her hateful rhetoric. I encourage Caroline Fayard to get out their and promote her hate like David Duke does. Make videos or something. That’s fine by me. It doesn’t bother me in the least that she was in a room filled with Democrats who cheered on her hateful rhetoric either. That’s who the far left is, they’re just staying in touch with their roots of hate.

I believe that while rhetoric like that will feed on itself, I also believe that the more Democrats will flee the Democratic Party. We can use more Republicans in elected office and you more reasonable Democrats might want to go ahead an jump ship instead of staying in the increasingly extremist Democratic party.

As for Caroline Fayard, well… I don’t want somebody who “hates” me in elected office. So here’s what I am going to do. Over the next few days, I am going to browse through her campaign finance records and I am going to look for businesses and business people who have contributed to her campaign. I am going to find those that I do business with and I will send them a letter explaining to them why I will no longer do business with them. Mind you, I don’t do this with Democrats for the most part. It’s a free country and people can contribute who they want to, but when there is somebody who claims to “hate” me, for whatever reason, running for office, then it becomes in my best interests to take steps to ensure that person doesn’t get elected. So what I will do is simply this. I will no longer fund those entities which will fund her campaign. You want to fund Caroline Fayard? Fine, but if you do so, at least one Republican will no longer do business with you.


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