Charles Boustany: Typical Politician

October 29, 2012

Our great nation is struggling and we pray for a Lincoln or Washington to help save us. It’s sad that once again we all must fall prey to smears, distortions, and lies during these hard times. We can do better Louisiana! Charles Boustany is spreading lies about Jeff Landry regarding his ideas on the FairTax. Jeff Landry doesn’t want to raise everyone’s taxes by 23%. That’s absolutely ridiculous! He just sees the FairTax as a potential solution to our Country’s Tax and Economic Nightmare.

The FairTax is Legislation in D.C. right now with 77 Co-Sponsors that would completely replace our crooked Income Tax System with a Fair and Flat Consumption Based Tax that would set Americans and our economy totally free for ALL Americans. Keep your entire paycheck with no Federal Taxes taken out. Keep every dime of your investments and retirement. No longer would business’ be strangled with a Business and/or Corporate Tax. No more FICA (Matching Payroll) Tax. The FairTax frees us all from being Slaves of the IRS. It also has a pre-bate that would un-tax every citizen for the taxes paid on the basic necessities of life up to the poverty level. It would explode job creation and put America back on track to being a free and prosperous nation once again. It was created by Economic Scientist at the Beacon Hill Institute with non-partisan volunteer money with one goal in mind. Save America equally for All Americans. By expanding our tax base and exposing the underground economy to taxation, it will Save us all. Yes you heard me right, drug dealers, hookers, and illegal aliens would pay the same flat tax rate as the rest of us working folks when they buy new goods or services. Please Read it for yourself. HR-25 / S-13 are available on or purchase “The FairTax Book” at or any popular book store. Any questions go to and find out. Join “Americans for Fair Taxation” and help volunteer Americans SAVE America for All of us.

Capt. Grant Swanson
District Director (LA-04)
Americans for Fair Taxation


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