Chavez Claims Victory

December 2, 2007

Hugo Chavez claimed victory in his referendum to give the dictator power for life as long as he can keep winning his rouse of elections. Three exit polls show a low turn out and a six percent victory for the Venezuelan tyrant. Folks, those of you who have been paying attention, not just to me, but to other people, to the news, to actually what’s happening in Venezuela know that there’s something wrong when there’s a low turn out in Venezuela. This is not some fly by the night passage of by the people. It’s been a very controversial issue with everybody in Venezuela having an opinion on whether it would pass.
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Recent polls showed that 47% of the Venezuelan people opposed it, while only 39% supported it.

You know what I’m really sick of, people who think they can lecture those of us who pay attention about Hugo Chavez, telling us not to worry, and then boasting of their ignorance. Ignoring Hugo Chavez doesn’t make him go away, it’s not going to make us any safer, and it doesn’t mean you’re more intelligent. What ignoring him does do is make you ignorant.

You can call me a neo-con all you want and call yourself ‘moderate’ or ‘progressive’ all you want, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Hugo Chavez is a man at war with the United States and he’s growing his power, influence, and he’s becoming more dangerous each day. Am I advocating that he commit suicide? No. Am I advocating that we go to war with him?

The answer to the second question is a resounding NO! In fact, if you want to have an extremely bloody war with Venezuela, keep ignoring him and you will eventually have your war. He’s a blood thirsty guttersnipe who can be stopped long before a war becomes necessary. You see, I’m advocating for a solution to the problem long before it gets out of hand.

I’m not saying these things about Hugo Chavez because I’m trying to save America. It’s not my job, it’s not my duty to “save” America, but I do have a moral obligation to warn people about Chavez. If I see a bus coming for you, and your just standing there in the road ignoring the incoming hazard, don’t I have a moral obligation to say something, to warn you?

Unfortunately we have so many people in this country that would rather be so self absorbed and choose to side with an enemy of our country because the enemy of that enemy is also their own enemy. They are so caught up with their hatred for Bush that they’d rather side with people who are at war with our country then their own countrymen, and then they don’t want their patriotism questioned.

Folks, there’s many other solutions other than to going to war, and those of you who are intelligent enough to pay attention know what those solutions are. Those of you who have an overzealous want of peace, you’ll soon have your war. It comes paid with the price of ignorance.


Via Wake Up America, Daniel down in Venezuela is reporting that the NO vote has won, but that Chavez is going to announce a SI victory. Not surprised here, a defeat would only be a major blow to his world domination aspirations.

9:57 pm: AP is reporting that the vote is too close to call. As many of the readers of Louisiana Conservative are already awared, Hugo Chavez does have close ties with Smartmatic Voting machines, which is what the country uses to conduct their elections. Not a very good sign for the NO voters.

Morning Update: Chavez lost the vote 51-49%. This is tremendous news since Hugo Chavez should be out of power after this term ends. However, I do expect Chavez to not give up in his quest for world domination. He has the military swear an oath of allegiance to him. We’ll keep watching, but in the meantime, don’t buy Citgo gas.


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