Christians say US backs Jihadists

July 16, 2012

They can see it. Do we see it? With less than 5% of Egypt’s population (8 million) being Christian, they can still see that our country has shown favor to Islam over Christianity but most Americans turn a blind eye to the evils of Islam and this administration’s support. Under Obama, America has ignored the movements for freedom in Egypt while supporting and promoting Islam even so far as publicly supporting the Islamic president, Muhamed Morsi. Egyptians have taken notice and have acted.

Recently, Hillary Clinton went to Egypt to meet with professionals, clerics and other influential members of society but they refused to meet with her claiming that America prefers Islam in Egypt. Basically, she was snubbed. I would be excited that Hillary Clinton was snubbed because I can’t stand her politics but I’m not. I’m not happy that the worldview of America has changed so drastically for the worse since Obama became our leader, our face, our icon.

Since when does America support a society, a set of laws and behaviors, that encourage bondage, slavery, abuses to women and children, murder of Christians and others, etc…? America is the anti-Islamic nation. Why are we grinning at and courting such a vile and horrific way of life? We used to stop leaders who were tyrants that butchered their people en masse. Islam is that tyrant and we’re playing with it in the name of “let’s just all get along.”

I supported Herman Cain for president because he was the one candidate that I thought most “got” Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. He was very much against it and was quite verbal about it often to his own detriment. My support stopped abruptly when he met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders here in America and found “common values and virtues” with them. He called them “true patriots” and said that he would continue to meet with them throughout his administration should he win the presidency. What happened to Herman Cain?

At that point, my allegiances went to Newt Gingrich. Newt understands the threat of Islam and Sharia in America. He doesn’t play games. This man STILL ‘gets it’ but, too bad…he’s not running. Ron Paul? His foreign policy would give Islam the leeway to take over our allies and become a much more powerful force in the world.

So, we have Mitt Romney. Yeah. That. He believes “Islam is not an inherently violent faith.” We have many Muslims in America who are not violent. They fled their country to get away from Sharia. I’m so glad that they’ve found freedom here and I welcome them with open arms if they come here legally. But do not tell me that Islam is not violent. Is your head buried in the sand!?! One only has to read history…ha ha, gotcha. You don’t need to know much history of Islam to know it’s violent. Read today’s news! Find out what they’re doing right now. They are killing Christians left and right in multiple countries. And not just Christians, Jews are dying along with any people who do not accept Sharia as their system of law.

A friend recently reprimanded me for being racist against Muslims. I should learn to co-exist with Muslims. To those Muslims who are here seeking true freedom and the American dream, I say…let’s co-exist! Whoot! Glad you saw the light. But for those who haven’t, I will not co-exist. How can you co-exist with someone who wants you dead and is willing to make that happen and then celebrate it when the deed is done? If someone breaks into my home and threatens the lives of my children, I’m not going to seek to co-exist with that person. I’m not going to “live and let live” with a killer. I’m going to do what’s necessary to PREVENT and protect those I love.

You and I love our country. America and the American spirit was brilliant. We aren’t so brilliant as a nation anymore. Why? Because we haven’t educated ourselves. We make decisions without enough information. We fix things that aren’t broken just for the sake of ‘change’. We vote for candidates who promise us a free ride. We’re distracted by everyday life and by fun things like football and the Jersey Shore. Not that we can’t have fun but we need to get our priorities straight!

Wake up, my friends, if you are not already aware of the dangers of Islam and choosing leaders who promote Islam and Sharia. We don’t have a good candidate who knows and understands the REAL threat to America. We have Obama-lite. (That’s not a racial joke.) We have a candidate who may not be an actual member of the Muslim Brotherhood (as I suspect Obama is) but through ignorance, he will open doors to them.

This is why we need to work diligently to maintain 10 of our conservative senate seats and replace 21 liberal senators in this election. If we fail to get a 2/3 majority in the senate, I believe it’s done. Our goose will be cooked and we must take another course of action. I’m not saying what that course should be. I don’t know. Whether we have Obama or Obama-lite isn’t AS important as having that majority in the senate since neither of them fully comprehend the real threat to America. Well, Obama does because I believe he’s a part of making it happen so I will vote for Romney.

I’m working on an article about those key senate races. Check back in with me to find out what you can do to help win those races for all of our sakes.

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