Class Warfare!!!

October 5, 2011

President, (and I must use that word just to describe what is otherwise an individual with a very socialistic/Communistic ideas.), Obama could not and cannot fix the economy and now he has come up with the help of the Demoncratic, sorry, Democratic Party, that will now use the fight against the rich to make an attempt to win the 2012 elections. Obama is going to back and does back the idea that people CANNOT go out and make millions and more like many people have done without first “GIVING” most of what they have “WORKED” for to those who do not wish to work! Some if not most of the of today’s’ protestors on Wall Street seem to be directly from the “New Black Panthers” rules. Rule 10 of the Black panthers states;

We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace. And as our major political objective, a United Nations-supervised plebiscite to be held throughout the Black colony in which only Black colonial subjects will be allowed to participate for the purpose of determining the will of Black people as to their national destiny.

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Now eliminate the black parts in the rule and it is almost identical to what those protesting on Wall Street are saying. This is class warfare encouraged by the Democratic Party because they cannot find anything worthwhile to “throw” onto the people to show that the Democrats are the ones to trust!

If we are to listen to what the Democrats are yelling, we would be led to believe that they are 100% for the people that make the least amount of money, yet if you look at what the Democratic Party does, they yell we will help you throw a bill together and then say we will read it after we pass it. Then the people find out that the bill they threw together hurts the very people that they claim to be helping by causing those who do make an honest living to begin to hate those now in office.

At one time I was a strong Democrat until I opened my eyes and realized that the Democrats were not very much different from the Republicans. They go around and ask people with very deep pockets to give them money and later on once they are elected, they return favors to them through some very different ways so the favors are not seen as payback for their money to buy them their office! Look at Obama, he is a perfect example of how the Democrats work, on one hand he is condemning Wall Street then he goes to New York and has a $35,000 a plate dinner, now just how many people from Harlem or other minorities can afford $35,000 dinners with Obama?

Look at what he does and the people he has around him and you get an idea of how the Democrats work. His right hand lady, Valerie Jarret owned property that was supposed to have been for low income people, but it became so bad it had to be torn down mainly because she could not get the “GRANTS” she wanted and allowed the places to fall apart throwing hundreds of people on the streets. Obama himself preaches that he will take from the rich and give to the poor, but he has not done that. Since he became a Senator he has had his wealth grow to millions and he has not “given” any of that money to any of the poor people!

Ask Obama if he has or will give the proceeds of one of his best selling books to the poor people of Chicago and see if he changes the subject or just ignores you if you could ever be able to ask him that. You could also ask him just how or rather why he allowed Valarie Jarret to go ahead and give the 500+ million dollars to the solar panel company, even after all those connected to the loan process said it was a very bad deal. But once again, his friend Valerie Jarret said no give Solyndra the money they are good for it and Obama said do it. Of course that will never come out because the closest any one would get to showing a conspiracy, contempt, or whatever, would be just to bring the question up then Obama’s hinch man, Cass Sunstein will make sure the issue dies off after making a few calls or sending some info out about the very people that could bring Obama’s corruption to light!

The entire bunch in Washington, D.C. need to be replaced, but the people of the United States are not worried, most feel it does not hurt them or if they make noise they will be harassed or worse. The people have become the slaves the Socialist and Communist have wanted all along and if they do not wake up, the use of class warfare will destroy this nation. Those who suffer the most during class warfare are the people in the middle because they lose their jobs and their security. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, China, the classes are split, they have the poor and the elite, nothing in between, or if they have them, those people HAVE to be silent and do what the elite tell them what to do. Look around before you allow the class warfare, sure it is not right what is going on, but Obama himself has enhanced the problem and now Obama and the Democratic Party have no other recourse then to declare open class warfare so they can blame all those losing their jobs on the rich, even though the Jobs Czar, a very good friend of Obama, Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, and GE Banking, has sent over 35,000 United States workers home while sending their jobs to China, all while he sits on the economical board for Obama and is the Jobs Czar! Now how is that for corruption!

Here in General Electric we can see the idea of the Democratic Party running wild, on one hand they are screaming much like Obama, we have to make the rich pay, yet Jeffery Immelt, a very rich man holds the honor of being the Jobs Czar! This would be like placing a Fox in the hen house and expecting all the hens to be okay in the morning!

Yes, go after the rich, but let us start in Washington, D.C. where they have many millionaires that even after they get what they want, they are still out of reach of losing any money or paying more taxes. General Electric, has not paid a penny in taxes and yet the CEO sits on Obama’s economic board, once again, the Fox is in the hen house and Obama is laughing and playing golf! Be very careful about this class warfare no matter what the Democrats or Obama call it, because it may well lead to the end of free enterprise of the United States and then only two “classes” of people, the poor and the elite!

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