Clearing the Air-P. Flynn

July 14, 2011

Boy oh boy, did I step on a landmine or what?

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Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who offered your feedback, negative or not; I appreciate knowing that my opinion is relevant enough to be read and I do encourage all of you to continue your feedback in the future.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about me and the Tea Party(s). I do the little “s-in-parenthesis” because there’s about 100 Tea Party’s across the country; the only place where we have one united Tea Party front is in Congress with the Tea Party Caucus. I do not hate Tea Partyists; I live with one of them. I see the difference between the Tea Party on the normal, everday, middle-class level and the level that we send to our State Legislatures and to DC. When the movement first launched I was a major proponent, and to this day I will support anyone exercising their Freedom of Assembly.

However, I do speak scornfully of the Tea Party as a whole because of the actions of the Tea Party Caucus. Why? Because here in our Democratic-Republic nation, those we elect are sent there to reflect our opinions and our preferred course of actions, and every single time we pull a lever behind a curtain we’re making a judgment call. The Tea Party Caucus is destructive, not only to the Republican Party but to the country itself.

Why do I think this? Firstly, the Chairwoman is Michelle Bachmann, and I guess we’ll all have to agree to disagree because I can not stand this woman. She is aloof, she says blatantly stupid and incorrect things at every turn thinking we will not notice, and her husband runs a Clinic with a goal of “Curing” homosexuality. You are supposed to pick a strong leader of an organization, not the most random radically-oriented idiot around.

Let’s talk about how much trouble the Tea Party has caused. First, there was the budget battle earlier on in the year. Originally, our great Speaker John Boehner and Harry Reid had settled on a number around $30, $32 billion. Enter the Tea Party, who says that “WE want $100 billion and not a penny less, because WE have a mandate from the American People!”. Those rookie’s do NOT know what they’re doing in comparison to Reid or Boehner, they all need to sit down and shutup.. Did they? No, they caused a near crisis by jacking the number up to $60 billion and nearly causing a Government Shutdown. Now, the Tea Party is so insistent on killing an amazing and popular program like Medicare while not touching the Tax code, we may default on our debt. What happens then? Nobody exactly knows, because it hasn’t happened before. In the past, neither party has had to deal with this lunacy coup d’etat.

Then there’s the bashing Obama at every turn. Yes, we get it, you guys hate him. I don’t like him either; but there’s no need to be hypocrites. When Obama did not attack Libya, its “WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR?!” but when he turns around and actually attacks Libya, “Oh, how could he? We can’t afford it!” When Obama has not gotten to Bin Laden yet, “BUTBUTBUT HE SAID WE WOULD HAVE HIM BY NOW! BROKEN CAMPAIGN PROMISE!” but then he kills Bin Laden and its “Oh man, just trying to make a publicity stunt”.

You are represented in this country by those who you elect. The Tea Party elect run their primaries slandering through the Republican Party; in fact, the only time the Tea Party seems to associate itself with the GOP is on fundraiser day and election day. Then these rookie’s get in there and try to tell people who have been around for decades how the horse is going to eat the cabbage, “because they have a mandate from the American people”. No, you do not have a mandate from us. Want proof? Look at polls that are truly fair and balanced, (Read: NOT Fox News or MSNBC Polls) such as Rasumussen. The public support for the Tea Party was, as I last checked, down to 30%. Thank God. So, in response to all of you Tea Partyists, my friends or not, as long as you continue to elect radicals who are completely clueless about economics, I will continue to generalize all of you for picking such poor representation. Want to change the stigma? Elect people that don’t blackmail their political opponents, trash their own Party at every turn, and don’t over-correct with radical-right policies. As far as I’m concerned, and I know I’ll catch hell for this, but the majority of the Tea Partyists are the same type of people that Stormtrooper around with Ron Paul.

Now that I’m up to my butt in alligators, I’ll clear the air a bit more: Reaganomics, as implemented, did-not-work.

Yes, I have spoken blasphemously against the Republican God. As Imperial Japan (or Imperial Tea Party) would say, I have conspired with unpatriotic words. I like Reagan just fine, I think he was a charming man, an inspirational leader, and a tough negotiator of the kind that we needed.

So, what’s my problem? Cutting in two different directions. Reagan cut taxes in so many different places, and so diced our revenue, that combined with spending cuts (and the necessary boosting of defense spending 50%) he tripled the deficit. What’s more, because inflation was so much lower, going from $1.2 to $3.6 trillion in deficit was much worse in 1988 than it was in 1980. Meanwhile, Obama’s irresponsibility has hiked the deficit some $4 trillion and people want his head. A fair comparison would be for the economy to turn around and boom while having $30 trillion in debt. George H.W. Bush, Pappy Bush, correctly called Reaganomics Voodoo Economics in the primary. Then, he gets elected, takes a look at the books, and says “Holy crap, we have to raise taxes”, and he got crucified for doing the obviously correct thing.

My point made in the little attack on Reaganomics is that, simply, we have to have taxes, and right now it is an appropriate time to raise them, however slightly and however aimed at the extremely rich demographic. Is our tax money frequently misspent? Yes. We fund programs like Welfare that are abused at every turn and it is irresponsible, however, it is equally irresponsible to tell Paul Ryan to toss out his (already nuts) Plan and effectively double the cuts to eliminate around $9.4 trillion in deficit over ten years. That is crazy, and once again, as long as you Tea Partyists continue to stand behind your leadership in these ideals I will continue to bunch you with them. You can not try to cut your way out of this like it’s the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Want a past example of a radical turn in Economics? Look at the Soviet Union in the 80’s, and the TEA PARTY is leading us down that rabbit hole. Frankly, if they kicked out every Tea Party from Congress and made them form their own Party I would laugh myself to death – THAT would be Fair and Balanced.


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