Clearing Up Some Confusion

May 29, 2012

It’s unfortunate that we have to find something from Prison Planet as our source, but indeed, the actual source that we had was Barack Obama’s website

Seriously, I can’t stand Alex Jones and I don’t want to give the guy any credibility, but I did see it myself on and that is why I never backed down from my statement that Barack Obama had called for mandatory public service by students. For some reason, Barack Obama thought that he could require people to perform public service, and I’m not sure if there was any plans to compensate the mandatory public service.

Apparently one blogger in the middle of Louisiana doesn’t know how to use a search engine, and my suggestion would be to type into the address bar, and then type in other words. Still, I get a feeling that this certain blogger will not understand because it has been my experience that the said blogger has a reading comprehension problem. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

I appreciate that Scott over at the Hayride doesn’t want to take credit for our writings. I’m not sure why they white guy up in middle Louisiana thinks he’s gets to decide what is racist and what isn’t. Does he also think the long racist history of his beloved Democrat party is also racist? I thought it was very ironic that the first African American President was calling for students to be required to do public service as one of his first initiatives, especially since we could not recall this being anywhere in his campaign platform.

So just to clarify, out of all the bloggers in Louisiana, it was indeed Louisiana Conservative that objected to government requiring students to perform public service. We do not believe government should have a role in requiring people to perform work of any kind without just cause. Perhaps our middle Louisiana blogger disagrees with me, and apparently he does.

We continue to hold the position that government requiring people to do work without just compensation, or without due process of law is the equivalent of slavery. We would like to know what that certain middle Louisiana blogger would call President elect Obama’s call to require public service by students, and just to be fair, we would like to know what Scott over at The Hayride would call it. Here are the screen shots, and we also hold the position that we have given that certain blogger in the middle of Louisiana adequate opportunity to verify whether or not we were indeed correct.


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