Closing Thoughts On Vitter

July 26, 2007

The David Vitter story still continues to be talked about in these parts and we’ve been given plenty of time to think about it. We’ve also been lectured on hypocrisy from some of the world’s largest hypocrites. Think about this, Larry Flynt lectures us about sex, constantly rubbing sex in our noses, but, when was the last time Larry Flynt has had any real sex? Even if it was, well, from a self contribution?

And think of the Democrats who spoke up against Vitter. People who, mind you, have had more than their fair share of sexual problems in their party. Take Barney Franks for example, a guy who wasn’t just sucking down Mojitos with a male prostitute in front of then President Bush’s locker. What did Democrats do to this guy? Re-elected him several times.
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President Bill Clinton was accused of rape, had an affair with an intern, and who knows how many other affairs, but hey, if that doesn’t offend you, he actually smoked tobacco. Let me put Clinton into another scope, would you trust Bill Clinton around your wife, or more likely your daughter? Well, ugly daughter. Seriously, if I were President planning on cheating on my wife, I think I’d go after the good looking girls.

Ted Kennedy liked women so much, he let one stay in his car while he went for a swim. Dollar Bill Jefferson gets re-elected.

It’s what Democrats do. They sit there, lead by example and tell you it’s perfectly okay for men to cheat on their wives. Infact, it’s so wonderful for men to do, we re-elect them. That’s a far better message to send to your children than what Vitter did, tell people it’s not okay for men to cheat on their wives. How dare Vitter say such things.
Up until this point, Republicans have been expected to resign. Case in point, Bob Livingston resigned on news of his extra-marital affair. We could go on and on all night long about Republicans resigning when they get into trouble, and how Democrats get job security when they do, but what’s the point? It’s clear that the Democrat party doesn’t care about any standards, all they care about is throwing Republicans out for any reason possible and excusing 100% the behavior of their own.

It’s time for Republicans to not be so harsh on our own. Not that we need to give into lowering our standards, mind you, but holding our guys to the same standards as the other party.

Why should David Vitter resign? Because he’s a hypocrite? Who isn’t? Every single person is guilty of hypocrisy. Every last one of us is a hypocrite, well except for me. But the rest of ya’ll are a bunch of hypocrites, should you lose your job too? Should you be fired for being a hypocrite?

It’s nonsense that we let our politicians get away with who knows what, but want to throw somebody out for being a hypocrite. What’s next? Impeaching them because they parked in the handicapped zone? Or is that only impeachable if it’s a Republican that does it?

I have finally come to my conclusion on what David Vitter should do, and what we as Louisianians ought to do. First, none of us knows what exactly Senator Vitter was doing with those hookers. We don’t know if blowing off steam or if he was jumping into a diapers. The only people that knows the answer to that question is the Senator, the hookers, and the filthy pervs who were peeking into Senator Vitter’s multiple bedrooms.

As for any punishment for David Vitter during the remaining time in office, it should not exceed anything that any other Senator has received for equal behavior. He needs to remain in office for the remainder of his term. Let’s be consistent with the punishment, not act like tyrants where those who have certain views can do what they want while those with differing views get punished for any reason whatsoever.

What we as Louisianian’s ought to do is not send this guy back to office. We need to find a replacement for him. In fact, if Senator Vitter wants to help the Republican party, he’d finish his term, and like Kathleen Blanco, not seek re-election.


Yes we all can be proud of David Vitter breaking the law and hiring a hooker to change his diaper.Even his own wife lied when she told hillary i would have my mans balls if he cheated.Once he got caught she looked the other way and just bought more diapers.Next time David Vitter speaks on high moral standards, have him lose the diapers and the whores.For all the people defending him know this,he made this little mess all by himself and once a grown man messes in his own pants, he will keep own doing it.

Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D.
Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D.

Democrats are like nature... "they forgive never" (unless its another democrat)... while pontificating about "fairness-justice-caring-sharing"... it is to laugh. Expose them as the secular socialists they are and defeat them... they are never satisfied and never happy... so why bother trying to please the party of "fear and smear", "crisis and confiscation"??? I stopped long ago.

Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D.
Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D.

Democrats have set the moral bar so low (thanks a yahoo, lying serial adulterer Klinton) it nearly touches the ground... they enter national politics knowing the diaper-changing libmedia will cover for them in all moral matters... they are expected to be secular socialists and they rarely disappoint. The nature of politics is that the democrats play to win with no borders (in bed with Larry Flynt and Daily Kos "over 7,000 F words posted and growing" should be enough for the most stubborn skeptic) and the repubs try to have some values (ex: must resign in House if indicted) but demos never ever even consider raising the moral-ethical bar. Enough! David Vitter did all he could do to make it right short of resigning so let's pretend he is a demo and its "all personal"... does not affect his job. Porn king Flynt could run as a democrat and probably win if left to the modern democrat. Did I mention Teddy K made 22 phone calls while a woman suffocated (not drowned) in 4 feet of water? Oh, that fossil democrat still haunts the halls of congress. Talk about forgiveness. Did I mention adulterer Jesse J went to "counsel" another democrat serial adulterer? Top that, just try. Can't be done. Did I mention Its way past time we conservatives be held to a near saintly standard (despite apology-wife and church forgiveness)while the paganistic political thug democrats get a pass. I think so.


Gosh - I hope we are done with Vitters for a long long time!

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

David Vitter needs to resign because HE called for others to resign because of their affairs. And don't be shocked when people who lift themselves on high pedestals wind up falling and making louder thuds.


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