Come On Mitch

December 11, 2009

I’m still not over the classless way that Mitch Landrieu targeted a Catholic charity for his own political gain in using Cafe Reconcile to announce his candidacy for mayorl of New Orleans. Those who cheered him on when they were supposed to be celebrating the great works of Cafe Reconcile should be ashamed of theirselves. Why would anybody do this? Do you like the fact that New Orleans has murders in what seems like every night? Do you even believe that inner city minority youth deserve a chance? Do you hate black people? Come on Man.

Imagine if you were one of those kids in attendance thinking that people actually wanted you to succeed, that people actually wanted you to do better, to be a productive citizen of society only to discover that they really don’t care about you, they only care about using you in order to make a guy become mayor. It’s just disturbing and hopefully this charity won’t fall by the wayside. The message from Mitch to inner city minority youth? A disturbing one, but one that makes sense when you think that people actually voted for him in the last election so “New Orleans can finally have a white mayor.” I’m sure some of those will be making contributions to Mitch Landrieu now that Harry Reid has canceled his $1,000 a plate fund raiser with Mary Landrieu. Oh Come On Man, you know Mitch was planning on having his palms greased by Harry Reid supporters… why do you think Harry Reid was coming to New Orleans to raise money when he could take a short flight from Vegas to Hollywood and raise even more money?

Mitch Landrieu has all the powers in the world that anybody could hope for in running for the mayor of New Orleans, three of his sisters are elected officials, including Senator Mary Landrieu. He comes from a long time prominent political family in a city known for corruption, and he’s a heart beat away from being the Governor of Louisiana. He’s not short on power, but if that’s not enough, he’s capable of transmitting codes from the side of his head. To who, I don’t know. Maybe aliens, maybe Barack Obama, who knows? Maybe it’s a subliminal message that says “I got a $1,000 for you Reverend, just deliver them to evil.”

If you have as hard of a time paying attention to Mitch because you get mesmerized by the morse code on the side of his head, I went ahead and transcribed what I believe him to be saying in this video.

“What I have been doing for the last doing three months was working more than campaigning uh, but for that last three months I have been working for the recovery of New Orleans, with meetings with the President and his domestic policy adviser, met with five cabinet secretaries, and with top level staff members dealing with the issues that I would deal with if I was the mayor of the city of New Orleans. There’s a time for everything…”

Yeah, amazing isn’t it? But I’ll let you figure out the code in a minute. Almost as amazing is that Barack Obama thinks Mitch Landrieu is the Governor. Why isn’t Barack Obama dealing with the Governor of Louisiana concerning Hurricane Recovery? Why Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu? Would Barack Obama leave us completely high and dry if the Lt. Governor was a Republican too? What is this? Isn’t Mitch supposed to be holding guitars and drum sticks for the bands while they are getting ready to perform? Mitch’s job as Lt. Governor is simply to stand there and smile for the cameras and occassionally say “Welcome to Louisiana”, not do the state’s bidding with the Whitehouse, go to fundraisers with Senators Landrieu and Reid, and hi-jacking charity events that prevent New Orleans from having an even higher crime rate. No wonder why Mitch Landrieu couldn’t even beat Chocolate City mayor Ray Nagin.

At :21 seconds you get a real good look at the code, but I digress. I want to take a scrub brush to it, scrape it off… but I digress again. I try to be a supporter of the Governor, but I really want to know why Governor Jindal’s office isn’t dealing with the President on this nearly as much as Mitch Landrieu claims to be, and if so, what have either of them accomplished? Is Mitch Landrieu just using Hurricane Katrina as a tool to win an election, or is Mitch actually doing something with the President to help New Orleans recover? If so, what?

Exactly how much will President Barack Obama be involved in the mayor’s race? And has any President since Andrew Johnson did it in 1866 interfered in New Orleans politics? One thing is certain, if anybody can bring the President in to meddle in New Orleans politics, Mitch and Mary Landrieu can do it.

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