Commentary: Remember, Jindal, that perception will make a difference

February 6, 2008

Lead by example. Perception is everything.

My impression of Gov. Bobby Jindal is that he will adhere to that first statement. He appears to be a leader who is set on running a clean administration and will also hold other state politicians to the same standard. 

However, Gov. Jindal needs to also adhere to the second statement, as perception will be big in setting the kind of example he needs to lead

Louisiana into a new era of improvement in government and various other aspects of our state.  


Recently, Jindal was fined $2,500 by the State Ethics Board for failing to report around $120,000 in campaign aid. Apparently, this is something the governor had no knowledge of. Rather, his campaign accountant realized the error, amended the campaign finance report and took the blame.  


To most people, this was not a big deal. However, the perception it plays and the spin of some opponents are a concern.  


State Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington has already “demanded” that Jindal’s chief of staff, Timmy Teeple, resign over this incident.  


We should remember it was Whittington who attempted to divide Jindal supporters and the state by invoking religious warfare in the 2007 election. It worked so well that even Democratic politicians demanded the attack ads be pulled.  


But Teeple has always been a target for the gutter-players within the Democratic Party. Some have attacked him simply for his ultra-traditional upbringing, which has no relevance to his job and likely helped enhance his character into someone with whom Gov. Jindal places his trust.  


However, Governor, please realize that these kinds of mishaps will not be tolerated should they continue within your administration. You don’t need to give free ammunition to those who oppose reform of good ol’ boy state politics, and many of your supporters, such as myself, are so eager to turn our beloved state around that we will watch with a scrutinizing eye and a short leash.




Well said. For much of the Louisiana constituency, perception is reality. As a result, the administration must hold itself to a higher standard. In fact, to the highest of standards, else it will all be viewed as business as usual politics.

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