Congratulations, UNION PARISH!!!!

April 3, 2007
“There were many things done wrong by the UPSB and, particularly, by the UPSD”

I would like to congratulate the voters of Union Parish for a decisive VICTORY over the ineptness of those PRESENTLY in-charge of the Union Parish School District and those on the UPSB that facilitated that inept management.

It is now time to continue that momentum toward a realistic plan to improve the schools in Union Parish. There are few people in this parish that do not realize that the schools, in general, are in need of repair, possibly replacement. The ill-planned proposal to consolidate the high schools in the second largest parish in the state did NOT address the entire parish’s needs and literally put our children’s safety at risk.With less money than was sought in the recently defeated tax proposal, the parish could build THREE brand new schools that could be located in LOGICAL locations to better serve the entire parish. This fact alone begs for an investigation into the motivations of some to build a single “palace” in Farmerville and disregard our children’s safety, as well as the obvious negative impact on the economies of the other communities in the parish.

There were many things done wrong by the UPSB and particularly, by the UPSD. The investigations that need to commence, if done properly, should reveal some poorly thoughtout actions by some supervisors at the Central Office, not to mention, the TRUE motivations of some supporting the failed proposal.

With such a resounding defeat, perhaps it is time to not only replace the Superintendent, but those in the Central Office that put their needs ahead of the residents of Union Parish, ESPECIALLY those that would attempt to circumvent STATE LAW and illegally manipulate an election outcome.

Such a half-baked plan, so solidly opposed by voters, illuminates the need to replace the authors of such a proposal with those more concerned about the quality of education and safety for our children, than the property values of a particular region of the parish, and the social engineering by wide-eyed, closet liberals. 

I see this as an opportunity for the ENTIRE parish to move together to improve the ENTIRE parish. The growth of the ENTIRE parish is the LOGICAL path. What is good for one region, should be good for the other regions and ALL REGIONS should move into “modern times” together.



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