Constitutional Rights are Being Given to Illegals

April 24, 2008

At some point over the past couple of decades, the right to not be offended was inserted into our Constitution. And more recently, probably while the populace was distracted by American Idol or the Super Bowl, the rights afforded to legal residents by our Constitution have been extended to illegal aliens. Last year on the

University of New Mexico campus, Air Force veteran and student Peter Lynch noticed a Mexican flag flying unaccompanied by an American one, left over from the Mexican Independence Day celebration. He reported the problem to campus officials, but nothing was done. Therefore, Lynch took down the flag, tore it in half and delivered it to the ROTC office. A couple weeks ago, he was convicted of criminal damage to property, and some even labeled his actions as a hate crime.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, union leaders are actively recruiting illegal aliens working at car wash businesses.

That answers one question regarding the unions’ stances on illegal immigration. Many have wondered why the unions, who are supposed to represent American workers and legal immigrant workers, have not taken a front-line stance to support enforcement of immigration laws. The answer is simple. Union bosses care more about making money off increased union dues and expanding their power through numbers rather than representing the American worker.

Car wash owners in L.A. are upset because this would force them to stop paying slave wages to their illegal labor.

Make no mistake about it. Business owners who knowingly hire illegals are just as un-American as union leaders recruiting illegals for union membership.

Along with what should be the obvious procedure of denying free government services to illegal aliens should also come enforcement against business owners who knowingly hire them. Until we start fining those business owners $25,000 per illegal and arresting them, the hiring of cheap, illegal labor will continue to be a problem.

Americans need to take a stand and demand our elected leaders start enforcing the laws, but be careful, or you might end up in trouble and labeled a racist, like Lynch.


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