Criminal Complaint Filed Against Mayor Kip Holden

January 30, 2012

In 2008 Louisiana Conservative Dot Com reported the following, “Mayor Holden was caught in a residence having a sexual relation with the lady of the house (NOT HIS WIFE). A Baton Rouge police officer serving as the Mayor’s bodyguard stood watch outside in a city owned vehicle. The man of the house came home unseen by the police officer, catching Mayor Holden in the act. A fight ensued and the Mayor ran from the house with a bloody mouth and black eye. The Mayor instructed the police officer to go inside to make sure the husband did not hurt the woman. The officer informed Mayor Holden “If I go in I will have to file a formal report and this will become public.” The Mayor then instructed the officer to leave the scene of the crime.”

The Mayor’s attorney, Mary Olive Pierson, said publicly that the information was false and the picture of Mayor Holden was doctored up making him appear to have a swollen lip and black eye. Ms. Pierson also said they were going to sue and demand a criminal investigation of those involved. She requested a criminal investigation and two days later asked the investigators to stop and withdrew Mayor Holden’s request. No suit was ever filed by Ms. Pierson. The news media never investigated or asked why Ms. Pierson dropped the investigation or why she never followed thru with her threats.

On Jan. 2012 a video from the state archives was found showing Mayor Holden with a swollen lip and black eye. The picture in the newsletter was accurate and so was the story. You can see the video here and Holden will appear at approximately the 40 minute mark.

Several days ago a member of law enforcement and a well-known member of the news media came forward with information of criminal activity involving Mayor Holden and a few members of the Baton Rouge Police Dept.

The officer filing the criminal complaint has served with honor for 19 years and is twice decorated for valor and numerous other commendations. In the criminal complaint the officer said, “Due to my dedication to my profession, my fellow law enforcement officers, and my concern for the public, I hereby file a formal criminal complaint against Mayor Holden for malfeasance in office and abuse of authority.”

It has been known for the past couple of years that a cover-up was taking place in Baton Rouge by the Mayor, the police department and the media. Kip Holden is the first african-american to be elected mayor and when he was elected 65% of the voters were white.

Criminal complaints are expected to be filed against others involved.

There is also a civil suit against Holden, and his attorney Mary Olive Pierson is trying to get the case thrown out. If the case goes to court the depositions could expose more criminal activity by the Mayor.

You can bet your money big time politics will take place and all favors will be called in or promised. It is going to be a long hot summer in the Capitol.


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