Crush on Hillary?

July 12, 2007

I Got a Crush On Hillary?

Is anybody else getting as annoyed with Hillary and Obama’s silly spat? I’m mean, it’s not about issues, they’re completely identical on the issues, well, nobody really knows what the issues are with them other than they both hate Bush. Seriously, what’s with these two?
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Here’s what Hillary and Obama is doing for the Democrat party, the Democrat party is a party that’s quickly becoming a party that can 1, see who can blame Bush the fastest and 2, do exactly what everybody else is doing, and 3, play games on youtube.

At least I watched all of the Obama video, I couldn’t even get past the first chorus with Hillary’s lesbian version of Obama.

What a joke these two have become, I suppose John Edwards is too busy figuring out how to sue his wife’s doctor to do Crush on Edwards videos… Come to think of it, could anybody else be as in love with John Edwards as John Edwards is?

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Bloodthirsty Warmonger
Bloodthirsty Warmonger

It's true! It's true!! No one on earth or in heaven could possibly love John Edwards as much as John Edwards himself.

Mac Dunlap
Mac Dunlap

This "spat" as it is called is nothing but Hitlery beginning to worry that someone else may take some of her limelight.


LOL Avman ,but to be honest I am no longer sure of who I will vote for.I still like Obama but if Mike Bloomberg would run as an independent I just might vote for him.I really think we need to send both parties a message of it is time to go back to work for the people of this country.The voters need to demand more than being able to say,my party sucks less than your party.

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