D Is For Dictatorship

November 20, 2014

I begin this with the hope that you read what I have to say completely before forming your opinion on what I am about to say, and not just read the first couple of lines and then make a judgement. I, as a Republican am thoroughly pleased with Obama’s actions as dictator in chief. While I do support some reasonable measures for bringing immigrants into the country, it is wholly inadequate, it is unreasonable and extreme to just wave a magical pen and declare that our laws are invalid and that the nation must bow to the President’s wishes.

bin-laden-border-400x235It pleases me, as a Republican, not because it’s not just bad for the country for the President to act in this manner, but because it’s effect will be felt on every Democrat candidate from President to dog catcher for a very long time.

If I were a Democrat, I’d be begging the Republicans to impeach Obama, but as a Republican, I wish to see Obama be remembered as the lunatic President and his party held responsible for his actions for as long as possible.

But while my politics gives me comfort, my love of nation and my love of liberty supersedes any party loyalty that I have. I can not imagine that a President, who himself called the actions he’s about to take the acts of a dictator, is willing to throw this country into a state of civil unrest, a constitutional crisis, and would put so many federal employees into a moral dilemma of having to choose between keeping their jobs, and risking incarceration by breaking the law.

However, this self proclaimed “constitutional scholar” is doing just that, promising illegal immigrants an easier route to citizenship by violating the law than they would have had they taken the legal course. We are encouraging criminals in their own country citizenship if they escape justice and put their feet on our soil. At what point do we say some people are simply too dangerous to let into the country? Wasn’t it part of our current legal process to weed out those who are too dangerous for our society?illegals-crossing-US_border

And if the President can simply change laws by scratching his pen on a piece of paper that declares his one man rules are indeed the law, then what is to stop him, or even the next President from ruling by decree on any other policy? What’s to keep President Obama from requiring businesses to hire these new citizens and letting go their current employees? Or requiring communities to provide public housing to them? What’s to keep the President from doing anything he chooses to do? This is not a dictatorship, it’s supposed to be a Democratic Republic. It’s only to the good fortune of the Republicans that the Liberal Democrats obey the king, but to the rest of America, whether Republican, Democrat, or independent, an embarrassment that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

It’s the moral dilemma, however, that we may find sanctity. Imagine if the President ordered by decree that police officers should suspend innocence until proven guilty on all suspected drug dealers and should shoot to kill. Wouldn’t that be a moral dilemma for police? While that is an extreme example (and God forbid it should ever come to pass), it helps illustrate the problem for Federal employees now have? I like to think that all of us would hope that each individual police officer would choose to disobey that decree and would lose their job instead.

ObamadictateThe last time I checked, we are still a nation of laws, not a dictatorship. While President Obama may have driven America into a third world status, we are not yet ripe to accept a third world dictatorship as our own. The moral dilemma that Federal employees are now tasked with is a choice of disobeying those laws that are on the books and following the marching orders of one man, or choosing to obey the law and risk losing their job.

But in today’s world, where drones carry cameras, each phone has a recording device both audio and video, and cameras so small they are easily disguised, there is much promise for victory in wrongful termination lawsuits by employees who choose to obey the law, and much opportunity to gain much needed criminal evidence for federal employees who choose to obey king Obama’s dictates.

And those who choose to disobey the law and obey the dictates of the President need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. For them, it would be wise to remember, this President only has two years left. He won’t be able to pardon them. Is he really worth throwing your future away?

By Jeff Blanco

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